Sustainable Development Goals

The so-called Agenda 2030 for sustainable development was adopted by all member states of the United Nations. It is a joint concept for peace and prosperity for humanity and our planet, now and in future. At its core, the agenda comprises 17 so-called sustainable development goals (SDGs). The goals serve as guidelines and tentpoles for our own “Sustainability Transformation”.

Our guidelines on the way towards a sustainable future

We engage in building a better and more sustainable world together with our employees, partners, and customers. The SDGs are our guideline here. We are not able to make a significant contribution in all aspects, however, we actively pursue meeting most SDGs. You will find a corresponding overview and further information on our engagement on this page.

What we as All for One Group focus on

sdg_kachel_556x316_10 Less inequality At our sites in Poland, Turkey, and Egypt among others, we are facing political and economic conditions that may differ substantially from the general standards in the DACH region. While we appreciate and respect cultural diversity, we also emphasize on eliminating potential financial disadvantages for our colleagues there. sdg_kachel_556x316_11 Sustainable cities and communities We aim to contribute to the common good and community development around our office sites. We work towards achieving these goals with our innovative mobility concept and our guidelines for building and equipping our facilities, among other things. The latter contains clear guidelines for improving sustainability by using suitable equipment and “smart office” technologies to improve energy efficiency. Regarding mobility, our goal is to increase our focus on public transport and use our carpool as effectively and efficiently as possible. sdg_kachel_556x316_12 Sustainable consumption and production Our business model is data- and process-driven. We “produce” high-quality business information for our customers in real time. We continue to optimize our energy efficiency by using renewable energies while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For this purpose, we pursue a consequent “cloud first” strategy – both internally and regarding our business partners. In addition, we base our own and our customers‘ work environment on a clear “New Work” agenda. With this, we make a major contribution to improved sustainability in production and consumption.
sdg_kachel_556x316_13 Environmental protection measures We consider fighting climate change our responsibility. Hence, our parent company All for One Group SE has fully switched its energy supply to renewable energy sources in accordance with our strategy to adopt green electricity in all our subsidiaries in the near future. The same applies to our data centers, most of which are already operating on green energy. Our main emissions area is mobility. Hence, we focus on innovative approaches combining flexibility and climate friendly technologies. sdg_kachel_556x316_16 Peace, justice, and strong institutions Law-abiding conduct, fairness, respect for institutions and human rights, as well as zero tolerance towards forced- and child labor and corruption are firmly established in our corporate governance. Furthermore, we support worker participation and involvement on all hierarchy levels. Our company culture is characterized by close cooperation between many different nationalities. We have adopted the guidelines set forth in NAP (National Action Plan for Economics and Human Rights) and adjusted our reporting accordingly. sdg_kachel_556x316_17 Partnerships to achieve our goals We share our values, goals, and visions with our local and global eco systems. We support each other with know-how and resources in technology, financially, and geographically. Our global network United VARs – the strongest alliance of SAP partners worldwide – has a particularly important role here. Furthermore, we engage with various eco systems we deem suitable for enhancing various aspects of sustainability more efficiently. These partners include AfB GmbH (hardware recycling, inclusion), and Social Bee with their Changemakers 2.0 project for training refugees to become SAP consultants in cooperation with SAP.


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