Ecological sustainability

Our group vision states: We work sustainably and support our customers to achieve this by means of our digital capabilities. our digital capabilities. For us as a consulting company, this means striking new paths in mobility, emphasizing the utilization of renewable energies at our sites and data centers, and managing resources sustainably.

Fields of action

We are constantly aware of our impact on the climate and the environment and strive to reduce it as much as possible according to the motto: “Saving resources and reducing emissions”. Our particular focus is on three fields of action: mobility, facilities, and IT infrastructures.

An innovative take on mobility: Combining efficiency and customer closeness

Until recently, our consultants were constantly on the road to provide the best support for our customers in person and on site. Nowadays, we are thinking more about the future of the consulting business and increasingly offer efficient and quick remote consulting services. Where personal contact is essential, we like to use as much public transport as possible. In accordance with this approach, our staff can optionally choose to obtain a Bahncard100 as an alternative to a company car. To reduce mobility-related greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time ensuring the highest level of flexibility, we are already working on concepts for tomorrow’s vision of mobility.

Office facilities: New Work, reducing resource consumption

We are already supplying most of our office buildings with renewable energy and our goal is to implement this at all our facilities in the near future. Furthermore, we have a strong focus on modern and efficient work environments. When choosing new facilities, we are therefore looking for the latest energy efficiency standards and the application of centralized facility management systems. Also, the building materials used are selected in accordance with their longevity and environmental sustainability.
To constantly improve the efficiency of our facilities, we are testing facility sensor systems at various sites. These systems enable us to analyze and optimize processes at our buildings.

IT infrastructure: More data, less greenhouse gas emissions

Nowadays, data is more important for company success than ever. Our “Cloud First” strategy not only enables companies to “produce data” more energy efficiently, it also significantly contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For this purpose, the “All for One Enterprise Cloud”, an intelligent state-of-the-art network which combines our co-location date centers with hyperscale platforms is mostly running on renewable energies. Furthermore, we constantly invest in innovative new technologies, aiming to further improve energy efficiency.


„Our cooperation with AfB Group ensures that used company devices are not just thrown away, but rather refurbished and used again.”

Tomas Caleta / System Administrator Group IT Services

Key figures 2021/22


18,894 MWh

2020/21: 12.124 MWh


10,100 t CO2e

2020/21: 7,460 t CO2e


5.15 %

2020/21: 3.32 %



2020/21: 0.236

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