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23/03/2020 // Financial news Guidance for Financial Year 2019/20 Repealed Due to Coronavirus Protecting the staff is top priority // Business continuity guaranteed // System operation and support for customers assured // Quick-start packages for the current challenges facing companies // Good recurring cloud and software support revenue is stabilising business // Licensing and project business expected to weaken significantly // Currently no means of adequately assessing the negative impacts on sales and earnings // Strength of market forces driving transformation projects currently unabated 16/03/2020 // Financial news Annual General Meeting Approves Conversion to All for One Group SE Overwhelming majority approves the agenda // Dividend payment of EUR 1.20 // Conversion to European stock corporation emphasises the increasingly international nature of the business // Good employer attractiveness score – Ranked second among the »Top Employers 2020« / Excellent service provision – Ranked top of »Best IT Service Providers« // In-house conversion to SAP S/4HANA successfully completed // Recurring cloud and software support revenues reach a record high, stabilising business // Guidance for 2019/20 confirmed 05/02/2020 // Financial news Growth in the Cloud / Reluctance to Invest in Implementation Projects Unaudited results: // Sales: EUR 92.3 million (down 2% year on year) // Cloud services & support revenue: EUR 18.8 million (up 12% year on year) // Decrease in license revenue due to investment restraint and cloud transformation // Ratio of recurring revenue increases to 50% (prior year: 45%) // First-time application of IFRS 16: sharp increase in EBITDA and balance sheet total // EBIT: EUR 4.8 million (down 12% year on year) // Earnings after tax: EUR 3.1 million (down 14% year on year) // Sales and EBIT guidance for 2019/20 confirmed 18/12/2019 // Voting rights announcements Notifications about the Share of Voting Rights in All for One Group AG On 17 December 2019, Bernd Neumann informed us about the expiry of a contingent share purchase opportunity (voting rights amounting to 5.07%) due to a credit agreement. Further details in our voting rights notification from 18 December 2019. 12/12/2019 // Financial news Final figures for financial year 2018/19 / Dividend proposal unchanged at EUR 1.20 per share Sales: EUR 359.2 million (up 8% year on year) / Cloud services & support revenue up 19% to EUR 70.6 million / Recurring revenue up 12% to EUR 174.7 million, share of total revenue up from 47% to 49% / EBIT: EUR 12.6 million – adversely effected by strategy offensive 2022 (EUR 7.0 million) and new IFRS standards (EUR 0.2 million) / Adjusted EBIT: EUR 19.8 million (down 4% year on year) / Earnings after tax: EUR 10.2 million (down 25% year on year) / Dividend proposal unchanged at EUR 1.20 per share / Setup of strategy offensive 2022 completed as scheduled / 2019/20: Turnaround in margin trend planned 10/12/2019 // News Business magazine brand eins: All for One Group one of the best IT service providers Which IT service providers are the best "helpers of digitization" in Germany? The business magazine brand eins has conducted a survey in cooperation with Statista to answer this question.

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