In development select exactly the topics that suit you best out of a whole range of topics. Implement individual solutions as part of an expert team and push exciting technologies. Try out approaches and put them in practice immediately. Take responsibility for every phase of the projects – from the initial process until technical implementation.


Individual solutions are the foundation of every successful ERP project. That’s the reason why in development, you are heavily involved in the conception right from the start. At All for One Group, development means: Being close to the process and close to the customer. Our developer teams are familiar with economic contexts and make their decisions based on the entire process- and IT value chain of a company. To help you keep track not only of isolated gears, but rather the entire clockwork, you will work on projects as part of a team. These teams are frequently interdisciplinary, working hand in hand with the customers and other experts from All for One Group. For you, this means you always have full support when it comes to making decisions and developing solutions.

Our primary task is object-oriented programming. However, a solid understanding of economics is also important for our customers.



When you work in development for All for One Group, you oversee integrative processes starting from acquisition over production up to sales and invoicing. You accompany the evolution or ERP for our customers, using innovative and best practice technologies in all business areas. You can look forward to the latest topics and technologies, such as SAPUI5, SAP Fiori, S/4HANA, ABAP in the Cloud. Other interesting opportunities include the development environment of the SAP Cloud platform, the Microsoft Azure Cloud, as well as hybrid scenarios. One particular thing about us: Due to our status as SAP Platinum Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, you are involved with the latest developments/products right from the start and benefit from our head start in knowledge and experience – for example with ABAP in the Cloud.

SAP S/4HANA Development
Your focus as an SAP S/4HANA Developer will be on evaluating and implementing development requirements in the scope of the introduction and optimization of SAP systems as well as the introduction of our own SAP business solutions. You will advise customers on the integration of our SAP solutions in their system landscapes and create concepts around application design, data migration, and interface integration, extensions, or new developments. Among others, you will program in ABAP, Web DynPro for ABAP or ABAP-Objects, as well as SAP UI5 & SAP Fiori.

SAP Cloud Software Development
Your job begins where existing functionalities of SAP Cloud ERP systems reach their limits and require individual solutions. You create analyses, solution concepts, and feasibility reports for customer- and product-specific requirements. You are responsible for extensions and developments of SAP Cloud systems as well as the integration of third-party systems in the scope of customer projects. Experience in SAP and ABAP programming is a benefit, but not required. A solid understanding of Java, C# as well as knowledge of web technologies such as HTML5, SAP UI5, REST-Services, OData,and SOAP Web services are more important.

SAP Cloud Software Development a focus on customer experience
Customer experience is your main topic. You are working with state-of-the-art Cloud technologies based on SAP C/4HANA, customer engagement & commerce and social collaboration. You guide our customers from the initial requirement analysis and implementation till the “go life” or customer-specific software solutions in a commerce environment. In addition to the integration of our e-commerce solutions into existing software landscapes (SAP CRM and SAP ERP), you are conducting workshops and trainings. Object-oriented programming and Java are a must in your daily business. Furthermore, you are familiar with terms and technologies such as CI, Spring, NodeJS, and AspectJ.

SAP Cloud Software Development with a focus on employee experience
SAP HCM, SAP Fiori, SAP SuccessFactors, Atoss, and Concur – your development areas are HR core and Cloud. You are responsible for the analysis, implementation, and further development of existing SAP and non-SAP integration architectures as well as hybrid scenarios in an HR environment. Additional core topics include interface conception, data modeling, and business process analysis. Experience and technical skills in the fields of OData, NW Gateway, Java, and PI/PO are required.

SAP Development Application Services
You support our application management as a developer, and process incoming tickets of our customers. You are developing across all modules and take over interface programming for reports, dialog programs, lists, and forms. Furthermore, you develop concepts on application design and the integration of external data and interfaces and implement them. We expect you to have experience in BADIs programming and user exists, as well as topics and technologies related to ABAP.

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Independent of the respective programming language, we emphasize direct communication for all our developer- and customer project roles – be it within the team, across teams with consultants, and of course with the customers themselves. You will not find any lone wolves in our ranks. For us, development includes entrepreneurial thinking, a hands-on mentality, being keen on working self-responsible, and an interest in new topics. The majority of our customers are German-language, medium-sized companies, with numerous top brands, world market leaders, and hidden champions among them.

Which role and topic suits you?
As versatile as the types of developers are their roles in development at All for One Group. Your career with us is not solely dependent on your expertise. Analytical thinking, extensive abstraction capability, a well-structured approach to work, as well as business knowledge are important as well. After all, your specific role depends on your personality as well: You have communication skills, organization talent, strong leadership capabilities, an affinity to technology, or allrounder skills – depending on your individual strengths, you might be a candidate for various roles. For example, generalists might feel comfortable as team leaders for Cloud strategy, Specialists such as Java developers for SAP Commerce Cloud, or business experts in the production- and plant engineering will also find roles that will suit them.

Development or consulting? Why not both?
We value colleagues who feel comfortable coding and maintaining customer relations. Therefore, mixing development and consulting is just as feasible as full-time development or, eventually, full time consulting.

Which developer skills and -topics suit us?
In a nutshell: Virtually anything. Decide for yourself which of our skills suit you best: Java, C/C++, C#, node.js, Python, JavaScript, ABAP, Web DynPro for ABAP, ABAP-Objects, HTML5, Git, Pipelines, Scrum, Unit-Test, SAP UI5, SAP Fiori, REST, Services, OData, MaxDB, Sybase SOAP, ALE/IDOCs, ECC 6.0, HANA, and S/4HANA.

On site with our customers
Many of our developers are spending their work time on site with their customers. All for One Group is very flexible when it comes to travel activity. You can hardly travel at all as an Inhouse SAP S/4HANA Developer or SAP Developer Application Services or be on the road a lot, for example as a Cloud Software Engineer or technical product lead. In addition, there are numerous options for using Skype or remote web conferences for exchanges with customers or project teams and do the actual coding in the home office.

Our drive: to create a "we-feeling" with our customers, to advise them in a targeted and innovative way, and then to implement the solutions.

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