SAP Consultant

a job between IT, brilliance - and insanity

Be a trailblazer in terms of agility and cooperation. Define new work and actively innovate instead of merely following trends. While working on exciting customer projects, you will experience all aspects of Microsoft and new work together with a team of passionate new work- and modern workplace experts.


The digital transformation is in full swing. Thus, almost every larger company is facing the mammoth task to map their processes in an automated, and efficient way with the assistance of intelligent ERP systems. This is where SAP Consultants come into play. They are specialized in IT consulting and focused on the implementation of SAP software solutions such as S/4HANA. Here, they adjust IT systems in a way so that they fit the individual business processes of the respective company. This process is called customizing.

Staying busy
Some say that this job is challenging, complex, and interdisciplinary. We would like to add: It is incredibly dynamic and exciting. Others say it is viciously challenging. Many times, business know how, analytical thinking, a technical background, and communication skills are required – all at once. Given that each company, each customer, and each process are unique, even experienced IT consultants might find that the learning- and development curve is extremely steep – just like the number of kilometers traveled. Many times, it is mandatory to be on site with the customers thus willingness to travel is one of the requirements for the job.

Just like a little kid, a good SAP consultant always asks „Why?”

Andy | SAP Senior Manager Presales

Orchestrating change processes
The role of an SAP consultant is often similar to that of a conductor: They set the tone for systematic change processes, introduce customers to new technologies and oversee the implementation and corresponding knowledge transfer. They take care of requirement management at the customers’, create feasibility analyses, examine the previous IT landscape and -strategy of the customers, check the framework conditions, and provide recommendations based on their findings. In addition, they develop strategies for transformation processes.

Frequently requires high level of specialization
There are almost no limits to the topical areas one can specialize in: finance & controlling, production & logistics, personnel, CRM, sales, and external trade – the expertise of SAP consultants is sought after in virtually all economically relevant business areas. SAP consultants do not operate as lone rangers, but rather as part of interdisciplinary teams of experts. In addition, their expertise is in high demand in presales or as business experts.


SAP consulting at All for One Group is unique in several ways. We encourage entrepreneurial spirit and there is a high level of freedom when it comes to individual work management. Instead of traditional module consulting, we rather focus on process consulting. This means that the SAP logistics consultant is responsible for the entire logistic process, including sales- and production logistics, and materials management in the scope of one overall project. Colleagues who join All for One Group will mostly deal with customers from German medium-sized companies – with various top companies, world market leaders, and hidden champions among them.


Numerous possible roles
SAP consultants at All for One Group are developing individual solutions from the SAP product portfolio in close cooperation and on equal footing with their customers. We require high levels of self-responsibility, and competence in their respective fields of expertise, e.g. manufacturing, consumer products, finance & controlling or supply chain & logistics. The next steps of their career depend on the personality of the candidate: Communication skills, organizational talents, strong leadership, expert knowledge, technological affinity, allrounder skills – our colleagues take over various roles depending on their strengths and preferences. They work as implementation consultants, process consultants, presales consultants, solution architects, business experts or project team leaders. In general, consultants rarely have to solely rely on their own skills, as the know-how of other specialized colleagues is readily available. For example, knowledge in ABAP is a plus, but not a must as the consultants work closely with the integration specialists from our Development department.

The core topics: re-implementation, conversion, or transformation to SAP S/4HANA.


Whether it is about new implementations or SAP system conversion – there is no way past SAP S/4HANA. At All for One Group, you introduce customers to the potential of S/4HANA, develop an individual S/4HANA roadmap and implement it. And of course, there are numerous other applications as well.

SAP Cloud Solutions
The Cloud-based SAP environment provides interesting customer projects as well – such as Business ByDesign or the S/4HANA Public Cloud.

SAP industry solutions
Rigid solutions are a thing of the past: The consultants at All for One Group can fall back to inhouse-developed business solutions and serve their customers by employing a large variety of business processes from our own process library – including the manufacturing, consumer, and automotive industries.

SAP Special Topics
Typical special topics at All for One Group include global trade services, supply chain execution, Ariba, business intelligence, human resources, or customer relationship management.

Innovation topics
Our most important innovation topics are SAP Leonardo, mobile & app technologies as well as ioT scenarios such as digital twins.


The most common way to climbing to the pinnacle of SAP is via a suitable university program. Among the possible fields of study are IT/IT & economics with a focus on business administration, logistics management, finance & accounting, economics, economics & engineering, business mathematics, international management, international business, or comparable studies as well as comparable vocational training. Here is an overview for those who want to join us in IT consulting with a focus on SAP systems.

Direct entry
Right after graduation, you can join us in the field of Cloud ERP in a junior position. First-hand experience in SAP through internships, as a working student, or theses with a focus on IT- or SAP is a substantial benefit.

Trainee program
Another option is suitable vocational training. For example, we offer a trainee program for SAP consultants with various focus areas such as finance & controlling, logistics, procurement, external trade and customers or human resources. In addition, we provide SAP trainings and professional mentoring. We have developed a dedicated HR expert trainee program for those colleagues who aim to provide consulting work in the field of employee experience.

Online courses from erp4students
Here, every student has a favorably priced opportunity to get a first taste of the SAP world via ERP4Students, acquire additional skills, or obtain SAP certifications directly from SAP. Learn more about SAP online courses for students here >

Our cooperation partner, the public university in Heilbronn, is part of the SAP University Alliance, which grants students free access to SAP systems.

Career changers
Career changers also have opportunities to start as IT consultants, provided they have specialist know-how. For example, key users who worked intensively with SAP might have opportunities to join. Consultants who worked with competitor products such as abas, IFS, ProAlpha, SAGE, or Oxiaon can have a fresh start in SAP consulting. Our career changer program considers the different backgrounds of experienced professionals who want to change their careers by providing them with an individual training plan that is tailored to their specific needs.


SAP consultants assume various roles and bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table. BUT there are certain traits that get in the way of a successful career. You are the right person for the job if the following six traits apply to you.


Enjoy communication

Those who are not afraid of conflicts, confront silo thinking are ready and willing to speak their mind and interested in meeting new people all the time will love this job.

Have an interest in IT

S/4HANA, data bases, process integration, software implementation, system landscapes, big data, digital transformation – you have already heard about these buzzwords or are keen on learning more about them.

Be self-reliant

You are able to organize yourself and are ready to take responsibility.

Be flexible

Your readiness to travel does not end with flying to your holiday destinations and workdays that sometimes go beyond 9-5 are no problem for you.

Regard innovation as a driver of success

You are keen on learning about new software, innovative technologies, different ways of thinking, and constantly changing situations.

Be a good judge of character

Being a good consultant also means being aware and able to “read between the lines” – as well as reading and assessing the body language and mimic of your counterpart.


In general, the career and future perspectives are excellent. The job is demanding, hence the demand for skilled professionals is high. With that being said, the prospects for individual development and career opportunities depend very much on choosing the right employer.

The wider the range of consulting services a potential employer provides, the better
When choosing the right employer, development opportunities within the organization should also be a criterion. All for One Group with its various subsidiaries and units offers a comprehensive consulting services portfolio and thus provides various development opportunities for individual learning, specialization, or even re-orientation.

Lifelong learning is mandatory
In a consulting environment, a standstill very quickly turns into falling behind. The regular feedback sessions at All for One Group point out improvement potential and development opportunities. Internal and external SAP trainings, learning platforms, as well as an SAP Learning HUB, and Competence Center provide the basis for an exchange with internal experts and continuous expansion of our SAP- and IT knowledge base.

Personal development – not just nice to have:
Working as an SAP consultant is a traditional people business and thus depends on the personality of the candidate. At All for One Group, we therefore provide various means of personal, and methodical development, including presentation techniques at the flipchart, English courses, or design thinking workshops. In addition, we offer specialized development programs for young professionals, master- and further education programs, and last but not least access to the know how of the various specialist teams at All for One Group.

Certification as a SAP consultant
It is not just our trainees who have the opportunity to obtain a SAP certification: We are always happy to develop colleagues who hunger for knowledge and support them with getting their certifications. Learn more about SAP certification here >



Each and every colleague at All For One Group will confirm that they find their job in consulting incredibly exciting. Those who want to start with us or switch careers, however, should be aware of the following

What makes this job incredibly exciting?

  • Bright perspective on the job market
  • Steep learning- and development curve
  • Variety due to constantly changing customers and projects
  • Density of innovational topics
  • Considerable freedom when it comes to organizing your work
  • Opportunity to build a huge network

What makes this job a challenge?

  • The required willingness to travel
  • Sometimes extensive organizational and operational workload
  • Complexity of the projects
  • The need to always stay up-to-date

If you have the right interests and qualities, can demonstrate your expertise and enjoy dealing with new situations and people, you will definitely have a lot of fun as an SAP consultant.

What can we do for you?

Jens Richter Senior Talent Acquisition Manager



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