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The new world of work is characterized by rapid change and constant adaptation to new technologies and working methods. At the same time, collaboration is becoming increasingly complex, transcending departmental and company boundaries, regardless of location and time. That is why we have made it our goal to provide our customers with holistic support in a hybrid working world: With a view to cultural, organizational, process-related and technological aspects.

We support you holistically

Work better (together)

Our team of organizational developers, leadership coaches, office designers, as well as Microsoft 365 consultants and developers supports you in setting up (digital) collaboration in your company in a productive way:

  • Developing and implementing collaborative work practices and processes for your organization.
  • Definition of your use cases and selection consulting for communication and collaboration tools, with a focus on the Microsoft 365 suite
  • Development of governance policies, templates, processes and workflows together with users from your company, especially for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint
  • Implementation consulting, training, user adoption for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and other tools from the Microsoft 365 suite
  • Consulting and development on modern office spaces that support collaboration, connectivity and attract employees and new talent.

More productivity through process automation

Microsoft Power Platform

In many companies, the majority of processes are still carried out manually - often time-consuming and error-prone. We see the automation of workflows via processes as a central component of a modern Digital Workplace. This is especially true for standardized, recurring business processes such as: Purchase orders, invoice processing, approval procedures or contract and billing processes. With the cloud-based Microsoft Power Platform, these can be automated quickly and easily. The platform enables the implementation of different workflow and app types, chatbots and additionally provides a tool for the analysis and visualization of data, focusing mainly on a low/no-code approach.

We support with consulting, implementation, development and support around the Microsoft Power Platform:

Collaboration next Level

Microsoft Teams as a Digital Hub

Microsoft Teams is the central collaboration hub in the Microsoft 365 Suite. Teams offers all communication options, from chat and telephony to desktop sharing and video conferencing. Team members can work together on documents and content, as well as manage personal or cross-team tasks, from anywhere on any device.

We implement Microsoft Teams with an individual strategy - suitable for your company and your employees. We support companies that have already implemented Teams to unleash its full potential. Teams as a central collaboration hub optimally supports employee productivity, simplifies networking and knowledge transfer, optimizes processes and raises communication and collaboration to a new level - for more satisfied employees and a strong sense of unity.


Microsoft Power Platform

Productivity booster

for all departments! Automating workflows and processes with the Microsoft Power Platform is as easy as can be thanks to the low-code approach. The added value: Higher productivity and more time for more demanding work!

For a better employee experience

Microsoft VIVA

One topic that is coming up more and more frequently in the New Work context is the employee experience. How can companies succeed in creating good employee experiences with the help of the Modern Workplace, so that employees can perform their tasks efficiently, productively and enjoyably? Microsoft has asked itself these questions - and the answer is Microsoft VIVA.

We support companies in creating an employee experience through the optimal use of Microsoft Viva modules, which ensures a better connection of employees in a hybrid working environment. Access to relevant knowledge and company information is ensured from everywhere and the exchange between employees is promoted. So that each individual and entire teams can contribute in the best possible way and work more efficiently.

Good cooperation and collaboration only works when all facets of New Work: culture, organization, infrastructure and technology are in harmony.

André Fröhlich, Director New Work, All for One Group SE

Putting users in focus

Adoption & Governance the basis for successful collaboration

A suitable governance, adoption and training concept is crucial for ensuring that your investment in Microsoft 365 also brings the desired success. We ensure that user frustration is avoided and that dangerous security gaps and a high level of manual effort in IT are reduced to a minimum:

With our user adoption approach, we ensure that key stakeholders and target groups are involved right from the start. In this way, we inspire and empower end users to use the tools & applications of the Modern Workplace efficiently, sustainably and with a high level of acceptance.

Our governance strategy ensures that you really increase productivity in Microsoft 365 with lean but effective policies and rules.

Making room for collaboration - with modern office buildings


The changing way of working has a great influence on the optimal office design. Especially in times of remote work, the building should count as a value-creation tool and not as a cost factor. Because well-designed office spaces create an inspiring and productive working environment. Not only do they provide employees with comfortable and ergonomic workstations, but they also allow them to work in an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Whether new construction or optimizing existing office space: Together with you, we create a working environment concept that fits your company, your culture and your employees:inside. We provide you with comprehensive advice and support from the initial concept to the move-in - and beyond.

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