We assist our customers in obtaining the greatest possible benefits from Office 365. This supports the productivity of each and every employee and boosts communication and collaboration company wide.


Many companies are about to roll out or have already - often years ago - rolled out Office 365 in whole or in part. The ultimate goal is to boost productivity and simplify collaboration. In our experience, neither a licence-level roll-out nor a technical roll-out are the end of the story. Appropriate governance with policies on which training is provided and reasonable change management with respect to the organisation and experienced ways of work are critical success factors. How we support you:

  • implementation consulting and support for Office 365
  • migration consulting and implementation, including for hybrid scenarios (cloud and on-premise, for example for Exchange)
  • design and implementation of cyber-security measures (from identity access management to information protection)
  • workshops on core Office 365 applications (e.g. Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint)
  • process design and integration of Office 365 applications (e.g. SharePoint) with other applications (e.g. SAP)
  • development of governance policies, templates, processes and workflows together with those using them at your company
  • employee training, in particular for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint
  • adoption support: we keep you up to date on new features and provide individual recommendations on using them


Microsoft Teams is the central collaboration hub in the Office 365 Suite. Teams offers all communication options - via chat, telephone, desktop sharing and video conferencing, to name a few. Team members work together on documents and content, and manage personal or cross-team tasks, and this anywhere and on any end-user device. Our Microsoft Teams services:

  • analyse your requirements, structures and ways of working to create a suitable Teams design
  • implement and adjust Microsoft Teams and related tools, including SharePoint, Skype for Business, Yammer or OneDrive
  • create and implement individualised governance policies for your company
  • integrate telephony and migrate from Skype for Business or telephone systems
  • ensure the success of Teams with your employees: roll-out communications, seminars, training and workshops
  • provide managed services and support: we see to it that Microsoft Teams runs seamlessly


Are you planning to implement Office 365 in full or individual applications at your company? Sign up for our workshops in which you can experience work with Office 365 for yourself and gain the assistance of our experts in planning your roll-out at all levels - IT, organisational and licensing. Of course, we are happy to implement it on request in line with our tried and tested procedure model. The focus is on the phase in which the approach is developed (ideally together with users at your company) and on change measures, in particularly in communications with and trainings of the users.


An appropriate concept for governance, adoption and training is the deciding factor in whether your investment in Office 365 has the desired results. Such a concept avoids frustrated users, dangerous security loopholes and a high degree of manual IT effort. The following are pillars of our concept:

  • governance consulting: policy development appropriate for your IT department and your users and use cases (document storage, page structure, etc.)
  • consulting and implementation of cyber-security and compliance guidelines, such as authorisation roles or document classifications
  • "train the trainer" concept: Special training for key users in each specialist department or team
  • adoption service: we screen new Office 365 functions and services on an ongoing basis and match them to your requirements, implementing them as needed
  • leading self-service & learning portal of our partner, Soluzione
  • application management and support: on-going development and key user support for your Office 365 operations




Get to know Office 365 applications in person. Develop implementation approaches for Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive for Business or other services. Discuss solutions for data protection and data security. No matter your plan for Office 365, our workshops are a good place to start.


When companies reach a certain size, a digital platform is absolutely essential for internal company communication. Such a platform is the site of official communication of central information, by management for example. In addition, it is also intended to be where the entire company goes to exchange knowledge and information. However, a modern Intranet platform must go beyond this: every employee must be able to access individually relevant information and lines of communication, and processes and workflows. How we support you:

  • development and implementation of the appropriate approach, structure and architecture for your social intranet, spotlighting orientation and usability for your users
  • role and authorisation concept
  • process and workflow designs in SharePoint, for example approval procedures
  • interfaces to other systems, SAP in particular, permitting users to work without switching to another application
  • developing a governance policy for use with central guidelines
  • communication about the roll-out and employee training are decisive when it comes to ensuring high acceptance and usage rates


At many companies, a majority of processes are still carried out largely manually, despite this being time-intensive and error-prone. We consider workflow and process automation a central tenet of the modern digital workplace. And this is particularly true for processes that heavily involve documents, including purchase orders, invoice processing, approval procedures or contract and billing processes. We track your processes using Microsoft Flow and solutions from our partner Nintex, then design and implement new, automated workflows.


Our team comprises organisation and transformation consultants, leadership coaches, process and workflow experts, digital workspace specialists, cyber-security consultants, Office 365 experts, cloud architects, developers and the support team. Take the pressure off your team - take advantage of our services. Here is a selection:

  • Azure Active Directory redesign/consolidation
  • Office 365 client merge/split (carve-in/carve-out)
  • migration services, for example from Skype for Business to Teams, or Lotus Notes to Exchange
  • cloud transformation, for example from Exchange to Exchange Online
  • premium support