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Only few companies are agile from top to bottom. At a certain size, this is also no longer possible or reasonable to expect. We support you in making the areas of your company agile where this is sensible: in individual teams and by establishing specific agile methods.


Most companies are not looking for agile financial accounting or an agile legal department. However, it often makes sense to have certain teams be agile, for example development, business development or marketing. In particular, agile methods should be implement wherever it is important for work to be quick, involve collaboration or happen independently. We advise you on how "traditional" teams can be begin agile working. Our special focus is on leadership; even teams involve leadership and this is often more of a challenge than in a linear structure.


Software development is by far no longer the only place where agile methods are found. Agile methods offer a response to common conditions found especially in internal and external project work - short runtimes where requirements for the results are sometimes unclear. Agile methods make it possible to change requirements without ceding control of costs or project duration. Design Thinking down to Scrum: consult us on which methods are most sensible for your conditions and how you can merge traditional and agile methods.



High-intensity programs in which your team will find quick, high-quality solutions to key, acute business challenges with our help – in just five days. For agile implementation, for example.


Your business mindset is the place to start when you intend to make large-scale changes to your company and encourage agility and self-organisation. Indeed, the business mindset is also its culture, the foundation for every authentic change toward the goal of boosting agility, self-responsibility and self-organisation. Our special methodology allows your company's culture to be measured and managed. We achieve this by analysing your current culture and assisting you in defining your desired target culture, intervening as needed.