Applicant FAQs

Do you have general questions about the application process, the job interview or data security at All for One Group? You will find some answers here.


How can I apply to All for One?

Please look at the details of the respective job ad to find out which one applies to the position you are interested in.

1. Apply via our career portal. You will be automatically redirected there if you click “Apply now” in the corresponding job ad. After a brief registration process, you can comfortably upload all relevant data, your cover letter, your cv. etc. via the portal and hand in your application.

2. Apply directly via email.

Can I send unsolicited applications to All for One as well?

Of course! We welcome applicants who show initiative from the very start. You can apply via our career portal or via email.

How current are the job offers at All for One?

Our job offers are usually up to date. There might be exceptions where we have to make short-term adjustments to our job offers, but usually they are updated immediately.

Do you exclusively hire university graduates?

No. It is trivial for us whether you have acquired your skills during university studies or through an apprenticeship. What matters most for us is your experience and your personality.

As a consultant, none of your company offices is eligible due to the distance. Should I apply nonetheless?

Yes please! As a consultant, being present at the company office is not mandatory. Your place is on site with your customers. In addition, you can complete your tasks in your home office.

What about the starting salary?

We are paying competitive salaries and beyond. The exact salary level depends on individual factors such as your experience.

What does the application process look like?


Confidentiality & data protection

Is my personal data safe in the applicant pool at All for One?

Yes. Your personal data is safe with us and stored, managed, and protected in accordance with DSGVO. We will treat your personal data with utmost confidentiality and care and never misuse them. We will never ask for more personal details than necessary and only store them as long as needed. You are in full charge of all your personal data and have the right to inspect and/or have it deleted at any time.

Will my documents be handled discreetly?

Yes, of course! Confidentiality is priority number one for us. We will treat them delicately and ensure that nothing is leaked externally.

Can I remove my profile from the All for One applicant pool? What happens to my data if I do that?

Yes, you can remove your profile from the applicant pool at any time. In that case, your data will be erased immediately.

Technical questions & problems with applications

Who is my contact person in case of problems or technical/professional questions about my application?

In every job description, you will find a contact person who will help you with all questions and problems in connection with your application.

What do I have to observe when uploading my documents?

If you apply via our career portal, you will find all details on uploading the documents there. We recommend uploading pdf-files, but docx-files and image-files are possible as well. You should keep in mind that your total uploads do not exceed 24MB.

What if I have problems logging in, creating/updating my profile or using the online tool?

In those cases, please contact the contact person mentioned in the job ad. They will reply and provide a solution as soon as possible.

About the application

What should be included in my application?

Most importantly: your cv. We find project lists very helpful as well, if you have those available. The same applies to current certificates and qualifications. Cover letters are optional. If we require additional details, you will the corresponding information in the job ad or in our career portal.

Are there any formal requirements for my application to All for One Group

The layout of your application is not relevant for us. We are more interested in whether it is clearly understandable and well-structured.

How should I send my application?

You will find the answer to this question in the job ad on our website: We either ask you to send your application via email or you will be directed to our career portal.

How can I ensure you received my application?

You will immediately get a confirmation email once we received your application.

What happens after I submitted my application?

We will check and review your application as soon as possible, and we will send you feedback afterwards. If you convince us, we will invite you to a phone interview.

How long do I have to wait for a reply regarding my application at All for One Group?

Usually, you will get feedback on your application within a few days. Please understand that we take the time to carefully review every application and wait a little before you call us to ask about the status quo.

Who do I turn to if I have questions regarding the status of my application?

You can contact the contact person mentioned in the job ad.

Is it possible to apply for several sites and jobs?

No, just give us a hint in your cover letter. We check each application for alternative job offers and suggest them if we believe it makes sense to do so.

Do I have to send my application twice if I apply for two positions?

By all means! We also check alternative job offers for you and make additional suggestions which might fit your profile, if appropriate.

Is a cover letter mandatory?

Not necessarily, but it can make sense under certain circumstances. For example, if you do not have much experience yet or communication skills are relevant for the job, your cover letter might provide relevant hints regarding your motivation or whether you fit in our team. Depending on how long you have worked in your previous job, your project list might speak for itself, and a cover letter might be superfluous. In our blog article, you will find a differentiated view on cover letters which might help you answering the question whether to submit a cover letter or not.

Can I reapply to All for One after I received a rejection?

Of course! Do not get discouraged from rejections. Sometimes, your profile just does not fit the position you are applying for. Just keep your eyes open for suitable jobs at All for One Group and do not hesitate to apply once again.

What do I have to do if I want to cancel my application?

If you applied via our career portal, you could cancel your application with the click of a button in the job management tab. If you applied via mail, just send us an email to the contact address provided in the job ad asking to no longer consider your application.

The job interview

Regarding Covid-19: Do I have to appear personally for a job interview?

Your health is important to us! Therefore, we usually offer remote job interviews via video conference. As your application process continues, we take special care of your security.

Which types of job interviews are there?

We usually get an idea about you through a phone call and a personal interview. However, we also try out new and unconventional things to get to know you better. So if you apply to us as a trainee and are asked to send in a video message, followed by an “applicant speed dating” session – do not be surprised.

How long will the interview take?

The answer to this question depends on the type of person you are. As a rule of thumb, you should plan for about 30 minutes for the phone call and about an hour for the personal interview.

How can I best prepare for these job interviews?

You should be intimately familiar with your cv and your key projects. You should also be prepared for professional question regarding your area of expertise. Be aware of your perceptions and expectations about us. Feel free to make notes on questions you want to address during the interview. If you can prove that you studied us as a company at feel at home in the digital world, you are adequately prepared.

How long will it take until I get feedback after the job interview?

Usually, you will receive feedback within a couple of days. Please be aware that we will take our time to carefully review our conclusions and impressions from the interview. Therefore we ask you for some patience.

What can I expect going into the personal interview?

Usually at least one HR colleague and one colleague from your department are part of the conversation. They will introduce themselves and give you the opportunity to introduce yourself. Apart from your personality, we are particularly interested in your projects and your everyday work. After addressing some of your questions, we will provide some details on All for One Group in general and the department you applied for in particular, followed by another round of questions from you. After this, we will discuss the framework conditions of your employment.

What type of cases do I have to work on during the interview?

None. Our goal is to get to know you, and not stress you out unnecessarily.


Are there any unanswered questions? Contact us directly.

Björn Kempa Head of Recruiting & HR Marketing


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