5 incredible facts about SAP resellers

Only now, only here: Five incredible facts about the job in SAP presales that are guaranteed to blow the minds of even seasoned experts and anyone who wants to become one. Get smart, pass the toughest presales endurance test in the world (at least!) and experience new perspectives as a preseller at the All for One Group.

unbelievable, but true

All presellers have a loose mouth

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Sure, it doesn't hurt if you're not a mouthful. But let's be honest: you can also be the quiet type. Because listening is more important than talking. Convincing content is more effective than eloquent speeches. Big mouth, small mouth, both are okay. As long as what you say strikes the right chord with the customer, is in line with your standing as a preseller and customer advocate and meets the customer's needs.

Only one type of salesperson is successful

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What, there is only ONE successful type of salesperson? Nonsense! Here are our 5 favorites:

  • The Rankklotzer: Only the tough get into the presales garden. The end of the day is a foreign word, what counts is 110% performance. Always. These guys give more than their all for satisfied customers and are motivated to the core to generate deals. They know: Hard work pays off in the end.

  • Networkers: Less than five minutes in the room and already ten new contacts. Networkers cultivate their network like a hobby gardener cultivates his orchid collection. They are excellent at assessing people and can therefore respond perfectly to customer needs. They are approachable, emotionally intelligent and the perfect listeners.
  • The unorthodox: Very experienced types who know what they can do and often look for unusual and stubborn ways to win over customers. They are sometimes off-putting in their manner and prefer to stick to their own script in sales talks, and it works. Instead of a lot of words, they suggest creative solutions.
  • Solution seekers: These types of salespeople are obsessed with detail and look for and solve every little problem that stands in the way of a solution. They also invest a lot of time in their customers' problems afterwards. They do not build up a huge customer base with this time-consuming approach, but they do build up a loyal one.
  • The smart ones: Their motto: Only the smart ones get into the presales garden. They always have their finger on the pulse, know the market and are well prepared for customer appointments and are never too shy to bring the uncomfortable topics to the table. Pragmatism is their top priority. That's what makes them so successful.

Once a distributor, always a distributor. Period.

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Yes, that may be true for companies with rigid structures and ways of thinking. BUT: At the All for One Group, opportunities to switch to completely different areas are part of everyday life ( see example). This is ensured by a wide range of services, performance and topics, a high degree of permeability within the organization, the flexible career model and a mindset that has been characterized by change since the Group was founded.

Hours of Excel battles

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A presales job is pure Excel monkey business? If that's your experience, you should urgently think about a new job. In SAP Presales at All for One, the design of customer solutions is clearly the focus of daily business. This is as creative and demanding as it sounds and has little to do with hours of Excel battles.

Scheme F and the same old story every day

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The opposite is the case! In SAP presales, no two days are the same. Because every customer is different, because every solution is different and because we as a team have absolutely no desire to think in pigeonholes.

Incredibly versatile: our jobs

Five incredible team facts

A high degree of freedom, success before invoicing and always keeping an eye on the latest technologies and market requirements - this is how we work and we are incredibly proud of it.

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Team size

10 employees to fall in love with. With completely different weaknesses & strengths, quirks and preferences.
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Greatest strength

As innovation-driven solution designers, we make systems fly. With a great deal of passion and process expertise for SAP technologies.
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Biggest goal

Promise much, deliver much. We increase the competitiveness of our customers in a digital world.
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Largest construction site

We need reinforcement. That's why we're looking for you.
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Largest employee

Karsten: 1.95 m
(But it doesn't matter. From director to junior, EVERYONE is at eye level).


Andy, Director Presales: 55 years old, married and has two boys aged 12 and 14. He has been doing what he "burns for" with us for almost five years now.


Martina, Senior Solution Architect in SAP Presales. She has been with All for One for more than six years and has been working in the SAP environment since 2012. The personal component for joint projects is incredibly important to her.

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Karsten, Solution Architect: Likes to talk to potential customers at eye level about their processes and pain points in their current system in order to find the best solution in SAP's or a partner's portfolio. He is also passionate about sport and his family and is happy to be able to juggle everything at the All for One Group.

Anything but standing still: Our claim towards the market, customers & employees.

your presales skill level

The moment of truth: your score

0-20 points

Hopeless case
Sorry, as an SAP preseller it's not going to work! But baking cookies should be fun too ...

20-40 points

Absolute beginner
No master has fallen from the sky yet. You should just practise a little more, then you'll be heading in the right direction :-)

40-60 points

Healthy average
You have plenty of room to go down and up and the best opportunities to develop yourself further.

60-80 points

Upper middle class
Congratulations! You have a flair for the presales business. Have a look around for suitable jobs with us ;-)

80-100 points

Power Stage
You know how things work, you know all the ins and outs and are the personified power stage as a presales expert. Suitable jobs for you can be found here:

Passed the test with flying colors?

Then we will apply to you ...

  • ... with pure variety and exciting SAP Sales projects that challenge you
  • with a cross-divisional and cross-group network and, last but not least, with our close contact with SAP and our 100 partners
  • ... with bright prospects, room for your ideas, individual development plans, helpful colleagues, an impressive network of experts, the opportunity to act independently and proactively drive change
  • ... with many career paths, thanks to an individual career model. Via our digital learning platform "One Academy", you can expand your hard and soft skills in a targeted manner, remotely and at your own pace
  • ... with state-of-the-art hardware, a method kit full to the brim, a state-of-the-art working environment and flexible working at eye level
  • ... with New Leadership & Modern Work. Both are part of our everyday life and you actively shape your working environment


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From a medical perspective, I would recommend a job as a presales expert at All for One. There are great colleagues and full fruit baskets. It's very healthy.

Dr. med. Reisinger

Would you like a little more?

Your benefits.


Valuable free space

Flexible working hours, mobile working, a high degree of personal responsibility & creative freedom and work stations - so you have room for your personality, your rhythm and your ideas.


30+1 days vacation

Take time for what is important to you.


Brilliant prospects

Shape your career according to your wishes. Benefit from our digital learning platform "One Academy", individual career models, systematic knowledge exchange & development with experienced colleagues and targeted support programs.


Attractive rewards & discounts

Benefit from bonuses for special projects, rewards for employee recommendations and company anniversaries, employee discounts for private online shopping, discounted leisure & fitness offers (Qualitrain) and bike leasing (JobRad).


Work Life Balance & Health

Among other things, we offer you services for stress prevention & conflict management, support for child & nursing care, health checks & preventive medical check-ups, models for company pension plans & occupational disability and ergonomic workplace equipment.


We Are One

Cohesion, trust & appreciation - the basis for your and our success and for respectful cooperation at eye level. This special spirit can be experienced from day one through our cross-divisional Group Starter Training.

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