Consulting, coding, analyzing, communicating, convincing, creating, steering, designing, innovating – find the work components that suits you best! We offer you an almost unlimited professional playground across the entire IT-spectrum. You can follow your personal career path via direct entry or graduate studies and fully supported by us.

Your possible playgrounds


SAP Consulting

Welcome to the world of the most popular corporate software. The abbreviation SAP stands for systems, applications, and products and is the name of a software developed by the company of the same name. SAP consultants are specialists in IT consulting. They focus on advising, implementing, and training in connection with software solutions and processes provided by SAP, e.g. S/4HANA. Here, they adapt IT systems to the individual wishes and requirements of the customers.


Microsoft Consulting

You contribute to designing tomorrow’s workplace. New Work, Modern Work, Digital Work – there is hardly a more topical subject for corporations at the moment, and hardly a topic has such strong connections to Microsoft software solutions. As a Microsoft consultant, you are responsible for advising, implementing, and training in connection with processes, technologies, and software solutions by Microsoft. This includes Microsoft 365, Teams, Exchange, or SharePoint.


IBM Consulting

Up close with big data! Companies are facing the challenge to collect, structure, and systematically analyze huge data volumes to draw the right conclusions from and make right decisions based on it. As an IBM consultant, you are the one to provide them with suitable tools to do so. You are responsible for advising, individually adjust and train them in IBM software solutions such as IBM Cognos Analytics.


Technical Consulting & Managed Services

If you admire Scotty’s work in the Enterprise machine room, managed services are the right fit for you! Among other things, you are responsible that application and business processes in a company’s IT machine room are up to date and working smoothly.



Without you and your lines of codes – nothing works! Virtually every new IT system landscape requires individually developed software components. As a developer, you have mastered Java, C#, or ABAP and integrate software modules in existing systems or program new interfaces. You are involved in the conception of system landscapes and work closely with consultants.

IT Service & Support

All good at our end – well, not all the time. You are the helping hand when the system gets stuck or does not work as intended. As an IT service and support specialist, you record interruption and errors, document them, and see to quickly resolving them. You provide reliable advice and support for users of our software solutions.


Sales & Marketing

You provide a fitting stage for our products and services. As a sales or marketing expert, you are convincing: With your appearance, your know-how, your creative ideas, your analyses, concepts, and your excellent communication skills.


Corporate Function & Administration

In order All for One Group is working like clockwork, a finely tuned gearset of mathematical wizards, judges of characters, law experts, organization talents, and supporters, is working behind the scenes. For example, you work as financial accountant, controller, HR manager, clerk, or office manager and contribute to the success of the Group.

Management Consulting

We are looking for your strategic vision! If you are passionate about the entrepreneurial bird’s eye view and the bigger picture, management consulting is the right fit for you. You focus on the processes, business models or the organizational structure of a company and optimize it. You frequently initiate fundamental changes inside organizations and accompany them as a consultant and coach.


You are curious about the trends, topics, and technologies our customers are interested in and what you might have to deal with in your daily project routine. Here are some buzzwords and the meanings behind them:


Intelligent ERP

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning – a software, that supports corporations with their planning. It enables them to control cross-functional processes via linked data bases.


New Work

What will tomorrow’s working world look like? How can teams network in a decentralized organization? New Work has the answers.


IoT & Machine Learning

Machine learning refers to the “artificial” generation of knowledge from experience – a concept we already apply. IoT solutions (IoT = Internet of Things), the connection of sensors, machines, or software have been reality in everyday project business for some time now.


Cyber Security

How do we protect sensitive information such as companies‘ customer data from hacking attacks? We address these questions with dedicated teams.


Data & Business Analytics

The volume of data is ever growing. Data & business analytics is the process of data procession and -assessment to control corporations.


Customer Experience

Customer experience examines the impressions customers collect during their customer relationship with a company.


Employee Experience

Employee experience is the sum of all experiences an employee collects during his tenure with a company. This includes interactions, impressions, and emotions and is used as an indicator for employee satisfaction.


Strategy & Transformation

The digital age is about preparing companies for digital transformation.



Nowadays, companies are running global supplier networks and have to guarantee timely delivery of goods and comprehensive service. Digital services and connected software- and system solutions are a major part of this.


The digital transformation is in full swing. Almost every larger company is faced with the challenge to make its processes more efficient, leaner, and improve the level of automatization with the goal to map modern system landscapes with the help of intelligent company software. What does that mean for you?


+ best prospects in a crisis-proof industry

+ an agile and dynamic work environment

+ a wide range of topics and range of tasks

+ numerous promotion-, career change, and development opportunities

+ excellent salary prospects


What can we do for you?

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