New Work & Microsoft Career

Be a trailblazer in terms of agility and cooperation. Define new work and actively innovate instead of merely following trends. While working on exciting customer projects, you will experience all aspects of Microsoft and new work together with a team of passionate new work- and modern workplace experts.


New Work, Modern Work, and Digital Work – you would have to try hard to find a topic that is more current with companies, as it is widely considered the starting point for improving competitiveness. Furthermore, there is hardly another topic that is linked as strongly to Microsoft solutions. With this background, IT consultants who are riding the new wave of New Work and Microsoft are facing interesting challenges – such as implementing processes or technologies such as Microsoft 365 & the Azure cosmos. Teams as a digital hub for productivity, Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer, PowerPlatform, or chat bots for increased productivity: there is a huge demand for tools that correspond with the changing mindset and varying demand. But our approach encompasses much more than merely tools: Project work, communication, collaboration, offices, file sharing – new work affects virtually everything. Enterprises are now facing the giant task of rebuilding the work environment to become more agile, interlinked, transparent, and virtual. And your challenge will be not only to keep pace with an ever-expanding Cloud universe, but rather being one step ahead.

Particularly the strong feeling of togetherness within the company and my team make me feel at home here.

Oliver | Senior Consultant Communications


Releasing agility and promoting cooperation and networking, improving productivity for everyone – that’s what our Microsoft & new work experts are about. Our own mindset and our team spirit supports this approach. Our projects are business projects and not merely technology projects. We are implementing new business approaches, and software is merely a part of that. We are thinking in terms of end-to-end processes that add value. For us, projects are holistic challenges with a focus on balancing a company’s human resources, culture, and technology – or more specifically: the users. It is quite common for us that we work in integrated expert teams including management consults, cyber security- and compliance experts as well as managed services. With this approach, we expand our horizon daily and thus drive our customer projects forward. We do not believe in silo thinking as we are convinced that only exchange can help realizing a flow of information and transparency. Our credo is: Don’t talk the talk – walk the walk. This is why we apply remote work the same way we advise our customers. We are working from everywhere based on the place where we can complete our tasks as efficiently as possible. With this, we contribute to the success of the team – and our customers.

Brains, Bytes & Bricks: How to make new work tangible
To make the topic more tangible for our customers, we boil it down to three levels: Brains, Bytes & Bricks. What this means is that we provide the human resources (=Brains), considering the right timing, suitable tools (=Bytes), and the best environment (=Bricks)

The daily work routine of a New Work Consultant
You accompany our customers with their (digital) transformation into a modern workplace on the basis of state-of-the-art Cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365 and Azur. Your tasks could include: Identifying new work and modern workplace potential and provide input for co-working models of the future, providing consulting services with the conception and implementation of modern workspaces based on M365, identifying the most important use cases that generate added value, consulting with the migration and implementation from an on-premise world into the Cloud (also including hybrid scenarios), supporting with the optimal implementation of crucial Microsoft 365 applications such as Teams, Exchange or OneDrive as well as Teams calling on the basis of customer-specific use cases, process design and interlinking of O365 applications (such as SharePoint) with the customer’s technological environment (e.g. SAP), Advising customers with regard to improving user acceptance and continuous optimization of the implemented tools, as well as staff trainings (adoption management).



We provide specialists and generalists alike with the freedom to enhance their profiles in the field of new work and beyond. We are an agile team of winners with a holistic approach that combines technologies, processes, and culture. This provides you with the opportunity to think outside the box and address new topics.

Your scope of activities is just as versatile as the needs of our customers – variety is guaranteed. And if you want to explore new areas of expertise beyond your previous role, our career model provides you with guidance as to what could be the next steps for you. No matter whether it is the next career level from Junior to Professional or from Professional to Senior, or whether you want to pursue your desired focus as a consultant or architect: We will find a suitable path together with you.

When it comes to realizing the customer’s vision for a modern workplace, our developers as top experts for individual configurations or enhancements of the Microsoft 365 or Azure worlds will support you. Furthermore, a project manager will team up with you on major projects. Their role: Delivering projects on time, with the desired quality, and within the budget.

Solution Architect

As a solution architect in the fields of New Work & modern workplace, you will evaluate customer requirements and develop tailormade solutions and products as well as the corresponding services. You will ensure that the technical vision becomes reality. For this purpose, you manage all required experts – even across teams, depending on the project – by bringing specialists in the fields of cyber security, management consulting, or managed services together. You are the main contact for our customers and oversee and manage the success of the project. You support our sales organization with your expertise and build and maintain long-term customer relationships. In addition to a wealth of knowledge, you also have in-depth know how in 2-3 specific areas (e.g. Exchange, Online, SharePoint).


You are the top expert when it comes to the technological components of the modern workplace as a consultant. You are an allrounder when it comes to Microsoft 365 and intimately familiar with Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, Calling, endpoint management or mobility. Additional crucial topics include AI, automatization& workflows, user adoption, cyber security, or infrastructures (AD, AAD Connect, ADFS).


As a trainee, you take on responsibility from the start. You work closely together with Solution Architects and Senior Consultants on projects that will challenge you. With this, we prepare you step by step for the next levels of your career – towards becoming a solution architect or consultant yourself, a developer – or even a future leader. You can find out more about our trainee program here >



Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online


OneDrive, SharePoint


Exchange Online, Skype for Business, MS Teams

Mobility & Endpoints

Endpoint Management, Mobile Device Management, Room Systems


Chatbots, Power Platform, NINTEX Workflows, SAP Integration, Office Development, REST API

Use Case Definition

Microsoft 365 User Adoption Management


The most common way to becoming a Microsoft and New Work Expert is via a suitable university program with a background in economics and/or IT or comparable vocational training. However, a university degree is not the only option: Vocational training with a strong focus on IT is another way in, as well as hands-on experience and a corresponding mindset can be door openers into Microsoft consulting. Here, an agile approach, and a keen interest in new models for cooperation and new technologies are determining factors.

Hard Skills

Are you interested in organizational development, Microsoft 365, portfolio management, marketing, and communications? Do you have business- and process know-how (e.g. ROI calculations), have mastered Office 365, and are familiar with tools such as Slack and Jira? Are you certified within the Microsoft environment and dispose of an extensive arsenal of methodical approaches? All of this will help you progress in a Microsoft environment.

Soft Skills

Assertiveness and persuasiveness are not considered nice to have in the field of Microsoft and New Work consulting. The same applies to the ability to communicate concisely and being able to work as a team. Readiness to learn, time management, empathy, and critical abilities are important skills as well.

Direct entry

You start your career with us as a consultant or Solution Architect. Having initial experience as an IT consultant is mandatory. You have already covered topics such as Cloud communication and – collaboration, Microsoft 365 and/or Azure, Teams, Skype, Exchange, SharePoint, UEM, Workflows, or Azure AD You can find job offers here >

Trainee Program

As a young professional or trainee, you have the opportunity to take over responsibility from the start: We give you the freedom to make your own decisions and make you feel that we are all on equal footing. At the same time, you will have the continuous support of your colleagues and your mentor. With this, we will help you navigate the first steps of your professional life and elevate you to the next level. Trainee program can be found here >


All for One provides me with the opportunity to push topics such as New Work that offers lots of freedom and scope for creativity

Alexander | Solution Architect New Work

Perspectives & Development opportunities

Modern workplace is a very current topic, and the demand for skilled professionals in this sector is extremely high. Therefore, experts in this field have excellent career opportunities. With that being said, the prospects for individual development and career opportunities depend very much on choosing the right employer.

One characteristic thing about us: We use a holistic approach and thus not just take technologies, but also human resources and the respective environment into account. In addition, our team is growing dynamically, which is an ideal opportunity to shape this business area.

SoftSkill trainings

Methodology trainings such as business model canvas, design thinking, change management, presentation skills, visualization, storytelling, virtual presentations, communication trainings, and project management.

Microsoft Training

Microsoft itself offers a range of useful certifications for the field of Microsoft consulting. Here are two examples:

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals >
Azure Fundamentals >

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Our aspiring team is a perfect fit for unconventional thinkers, movers and shakers, and organizational wizards who are passionate about pushing topics and taking responsibility. Another important aspect is the readiness to live new work yourself.

Regard innovation as a driver of success

You are keen on learning about new software, innovative technologies, different ways of thinking, and constantly changing situations.

Enjoy communication

Those who are not afraid of conflicts, confront silo thinking are ready and willing to speak their mind and interested in meeting new people all the time will love this job.

Have an interest in IT

Microsoft 365, Azure, data bases, process integration, software implementation, system landscapes, big data, and digital transformation – you have already heard about these buzzwords or are keen on learning more about them.

Be flexible

Your readiness to travel does not end with flying to your holiday destinations and workdays that might go beyond 9-5 are no problem for you.

Be self-reliant

You are able to organize yourself and are ready to take responsibility.

Be a good judge of character

Being a good consultant also means being aware and able to “read between the lines” – as well as reading and assessing the body language and mimic of your counterpart.


Each and every colleague at All for One Group will confirm that they find their job in consulting incredibly exciting. Those who want to start with us or switch careers, however, should be aware of the following

What makes this job incredibly exciting?

  • Considerable freedom & high level of individual responsibility
    Working interdisciplinary on the topics New Work & Modern Workplace
  • An agile winner team that promotes a culture of constructive criticism
  • The future perspective on the job market and the opportunity to build a huge network
  • The steep learning- and development curve due to constantly changing customers and projects
  • The volume of innovational topics
  • Not only accompanying change processes, but actually living them
  • The holistic approach to New Work as a combination of methodology, technology, and culture

What makes this job a challenge?

  • Constant confrontation with change and technological innovations
  • Sometimes extensive organizational and operational workload
  • Complexity of the topic New Work
  • The high level of flexibility required

What can we do for you?

Björn Kempa Head of Recruiting & HR Marketing