What potential does rapid technological change offer for your business? The innovation cycles of IT manufacturers are becoming shorter and shorter. How do you bring these innovations from applications and IT platforms into your business processes and workflows? And do it continuously? We believe that companies and IT managers need to rethink their application management. Innovation is just as important as stable maintenance. We combine both. So that you can stay one step ahead of the competition.


Just imagine: Your application and process landscape is always up to date and suitable for you. New functionalities and technological possibilities are continuously screened, evaluated and proactively implemented in your business processes. The users in the specialist departments are trained for this purpose. All this is done by a service provider who knows your company and your business.

This is precisely the goal of our Business Process Services. We take care of the continuous development of your application portfolio and your process landscape within the framework of application lifecycle and innovation management. To do this, we combine two important elements:

  • Our application know-how: close partnerships with the most important providers (SAP, Microsoft, IBM) as well as our many years of experience in application management, especially for SAP and Microsoft as well as third-party applications
  • Our process expertise: decades of experience in process consulting, especially with medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry, consumer goods industry, food & beverage, retail, professional services and life sciences.

By the way: We not only ensure innovations in your processes, but also take responsibility for their stability. Based on SLAs, we guarantee the availability and function of your processes and support users in the event of problems. All this at fixed monthly prices. This gives you Evergreening as a Service for your business processes - and perhaps the decisive advantage over your competitors.


With our services, you are always one step ahead in your applications and business processes: Our experts analyze your business processes and applications and provide you with expert advice on new functions and innovative services that deliver decisive added value for your business.

Technology Watch & Process Innovation

We evaluate the applications and technologies from the manufacturers SAP and Microsoft that you use: What does the longer-term roadmap look like? What short- and medium-term updates are planned? Especially with cloud software, innovation cycles are very short; new functions are sometimes available every week - we keep an eye on them.

We evaluate the innovations on a customer-specific basis and recommend an individual implementation roadmap for your company - always with the question: How can the innovations improve your business processes? If desired, we implement the innovations in your applications and in your processes and train the users in the specialist departments.

Our strengths: We have close partnerships with the most important business IT providers, especially SAP and Microsoft. And just as important: We know our customers' processes, often since the implementation projects or through our support services.

Business Process Analytics & Support

We monitor and analyze your applications and business processes. If necessary, we work with you to develop solutions, even if the processes are cross-application. In this way, we proactively identify technical and process-related impairments and can often remedy them before users are impaired in their work.

However, if problems do occur, we are there to help your users with our support services. Our special feature: Our support commitment applies not only to individual applications, but end-to-end for the entire process, across all affected applications, platforms and corresponding interfaces, which we integrate into the solution implemented for you.

From the data collected, we derive possible process improvements and provide you with recommendations for action; if desired, we implement the recommended optimizations.

In addition, we can also guarantee a defined service level (response and resolution times for incidents) for business-critical processes, such as in logistics and production. The prerequisite is detailed process documentation, which we will be happy to create for you.

Your result:

  • Continuous improvement of your processes and process performance; streamlining of processes
  • Avoidance of process breaks, as they occur especially at application boundaries
  • Support for entire end-to-end process

Periodic & Scheduled Services

Many business processes are affected by regular, recurring changes. These can be of a legal, organizational or technical nature. One example is human resources management systems such as SAP HCM, in which updates are necessary at the turn of each year (e.g., contribution rates, tax offices and municipalities, or professional care). New DSGVO regulations, export regulations or changes in tax law are further examples - with a corresponding need for adaptation in marketing, logistics or financial systems and processes.

We proactively make the changes for you, test them and train your employees in the relevant specialist areas.

Application Services & Support

The basis for smooth processes are stable running applications, reliably maintained and with first-class support for the users. Our services:

  • Application operation in our data centers (Frankfurt a.M.), in the cloud or in hybrid / multi-cloud scenarioscentral
  • 24x7 service desk
  • Incident Management: Troubleshooting with guaranteed response times
  • Processing of service requests: General requests, e.g. information, consulting requests or documented change requests
  • Customizing: Adjustment of system settings according to your specific requirements
  • Implementation of internal or external / legal regulations
  • Processing of change requests: Changes in your applications and business processes, from form fields to process flows
  • Interfaces: Programming, management, monitoring
  • Custom Development - our development team implements your individual requirements
  • Identity & Access Management (incl. SAP access authorizations): Provision and maintenance for your (SAP) users; creation of authorization concepts

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Our above services relate to your digital business processes and operations. In the classic BPO model, you can go one step further and outsource the entire operational process to us. We currently offer BPO in two areas:

HR outsourcing

  • Payrol
  • lMaster data management
  • Output management (print, dispatch, e-mail)
  • Reporting & evaluations
  • Personnel support
  • Time management
  • Travel expense accounting
  • Pensioner accounting
Further Info

IT Outsourcing

  • Hosting, operation, management and support of your IT applications and IT platforms
  • Workplace services and user support for your employees - from the first day of work until they leave the company (more info)


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