Take advantage of the scalability and agility of the cloud without having to maintain your own expertise or personnel resources. We manage individual IaaS offerings for you, especially from the large hyperscalers Azure, AWS or Google - or also from our data centres in Frankfurt (private cloud). And we orchestrate your entire IT infrastructure, even if you want to combine different cloud offerings or integrate your existing IT.


Infrastructure supposedly at the push of a button, scalability up and down, temporary use, cost efficiency, worldwide availability - and last but not least an ever faster growing number of innovative services: The cloud is considered the technological backbone of digitalisation.

But managing a cloud infrastructure also means a great deal of effort, which is becoming increasingly complex. On the one hand, there are the providers, first and foremost the hyperscalers Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google. They are developing their services at a rapid pace and it is not always easy to manage them contractually, financially and technologically.

On the other hand, the infrastructure landscape in most companies is becoming more and more diverse. Different cloud elements have to be integrated as well as existing IT infrastructures, such as own data centres. The task is to manage and orchestrate this entire landscape - while ensuring consistent governance and guaranteeing cybersecurity and compliance.

Many IT managers do not want to or cannot provide the human resources to manage these tasks. Leave it to us: we provide the cloud resources for you - as an SLA-based service that you can simply consume; all the way to a fully managed IT platform for your applications and services.

You simply use the advantages of the cloud and can concentrate fully on your business-related projects and tasks.


The right cloud platform for your business

Our services refer to all cloud models, gladly also in combination:

Private Cloud

You receive a dedicated, managed cloud platform from our data centres in Germany (Frankfurt a.M.). Tailor-made for you, also with individual security features on request.
Specifically, we provide you with virtual machines including operating system (Linux or Windows). These can be defined in different T-shirt sizes depending on your requirements.

Included are, in addition to the licence for the operating system, the computing power, storage space and disk space as agreed. In addition, we regularly create backups and continuously monitor the system environment. In short: We take over the operation up to the "upper edge of the operating system" on an SLA basis.

Public Cloud

Here we provide you with cloud resources from Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google. We take care of the management and handling for you; if you wish, we can act as your single point of contact. You benefit from elasticity and scalability, usage-based resource billing and, last but not least, from the huge innovation and development power of the providers. And at the same time you have a contact and contractual partner at eye level with us.

Hybrid Cloud

Very few companies move completely to the cloud in a single step. Typically, mixed landscapes of private cloud, public cloud and own local IT infrastructure are created. We manage these hybrid landscapes for you. We ensure connectivity, implement an overarching governance and security concept, take over monitoring and the service desk function.

However, the management of the infrastructure is usually only the basis: we operate and support your application and process landscape on request, regardless of the underlying infrastructure - cloud, your local infrastructure (on premise) or our data centres.

Multi Cloud

We also take care of the management and orchestration when you combine cloud offerings from different providers. These can be the large hyperscalers, or SaaS such as Microsoft 365 and many others.


  • Provision and management of cloud services (e.g. from the providers Azure, AWS, Google) as an SLA-based service: Use the strengths of the hyperscalers and leave the complex management to us - from contract and billing issues to support and service desk to the constant monitoring of new services.
  • Orchestration and management of your entire IT infrastructure, also with cloud offers from different providers (multi-cloud) or in combination with your classic IT or private cloud offers, for example from our German data centres (hybrid cloud)
  • Provider management, also for multi-cloud scenarios: We act as your single point of contact for all cloud providers, including a German-speaking personal contact and 24/7 service desk.
  • Creation and monitoring of connectivity and interfaces
  • Creation, implementation and monitoring of a cybersecurity & compliance concept
  • On request, individual creation and implementation of governance guidelines
  • Cloud at the push of a button with "ProvideNow": our self-service portal for provisioning cloud services and resources
  • Cloud Architecture Advisory: Individual advice on your optimal cloud architecture
  • If you wish, we can run your applications and services on a cloud platform or in your desired environment.


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