Transport Management with embedded TM


Manage complexity: the optimal integration of the transportation service provider into the end-to-end process is the foundation for real-time monitoring of transport processes.


Transport management is becoming increasingly complex and so, too, are the requirements for integration into the end-to-end ERP processes. Real-time monitoring for transport process and transparent transport costs are real challenges in this context. The foundation of this is optimal integration of transportation service providers in the end-to-end process. With system support, the ideal service provider can then be selected for a transportation order. This minimises transport costs and improves both delivery quality and performance.



Have you ever wanted to use SAP in your shipping logistics, but wished for functions that accelerate and simplify work with the SAP system? We've got the response you are looking for: our SAP add-ons.

Our development process for these add-ons takes advantage of the experience we have gained from a myriad of customer projects. This means we map concrete requirements of medium-sized companies. For example, this is how our SAP-integrated KEP solution came to be. It creates an interface for carriers, package services and other transportation service providers (e.g. DPD, UPS, FedEx, GLS, Schenker). Practical experience for practical experience.


At modern companies, supply chain management processes are not often valued as highly as they should be. In particular, freight costs are frequently compared to the total costs of highly relevant pools of costs. High costs and sub-optimal customer satisfaction are fuelled by high manual effort related to media disruption to transportation service providers, a lack of transparency over delayed delivery dates, reactive rather than proactive responses to problems. We would be happy to analyse your shipping processes and present tailored solutions for your requirements and problems. Logistics service providers in support of logistics service providers.