Compensation Report

Management and supervisory boards

Management & Supervisory Board Compensation Report

The system of compensating the management board is explained in the compensation report. The com­bined management report in the annual reportalso includes a detailed discussion of the individual compensation paid to man­agement and supervisory boards, with separate indication of fixed and variable components and also benefits granted and allocations.

The disclosure of management board compensation is currently (as of Sep 2021) still compliant with the regulations of Sections 289a (2), 314 (1) No. 6a and b, 315a (2) of the German Commercial Code (HGB) (in each case in the version applicable up to and including 31 December 2019), which were to be applied for the last time to the combined management report for the financial year 2020/21 in accordance with Article 83 (1) of the Introductory Act to the German Commercial Code (EGHGB).

The first-time preparation of a compensation report pursuant to Section 162 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) will take place for the financial year 2021/22. The structure and appropriateness of the compensation systems are subject to regular review.

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