Management & Supervisory Board Compensation Report

Our compensation report forms a separate section within our combined management report in the annual report. In this section, we report individually on the compensation for the management and supervisory boards. We also explain the compensation system for the management and supervisory boards in the compensation report.

Compensation System for the Supervisory Board

Fixed components, no performance-related compensation

Each member of the supervisory board receives annual fixed compensation of EUR 12,500. The chairman of the supervisory board receives four times and the deputy chairman receives two times the abovementioned fixed compensation.

Compensation for Committee Work

Members of the supervisory board also receive compensation for their committee work. All ordinary committee members receive a fixed fee of EUR 3,000 p.a. for each committee membership. The chairman of a committee receives four times the above committee membership compensation.

Documentation: Supervisory Board Compensation System

Download the supervisory board compensation system, which was approved by the annual general meeting on 11 March 2021.

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