Virtually unlimited IT resources are not the only advantages of big tech companies' cloud platforms. They also offer the opportunity to benefit from cutting edge developments quickly and without major investments, driving forward your digital transformation. We help you safely navigate these opportunities and integrated them into your processes and IT organisation.


Virtually endless scalability, flexibility, global availability: the major cloud platforms - Microsoft Azure, for example - are attractive alternatives to using your own hardware or your own data centre. How we support you:

  • Host your application on infrastructure in the cloud: consult us on migration and operating models In focus: SAP on Azure
  • we offer migration to and hosting on cloud infrastructure as a managed service.
  • we manage your growing hybrid public-cloud, private-cloud and multi-cloud landscapes.


Demands on infrastructure are steadily growing when it comes to operating SAP systems. This affects global roll-outs, SAP S/4HANA and real-time data management. This is in addition to any organic growth of SAP data as a result of the digital transformation of many companies. In addition, we discuss with our customers whether they would like to operate their SAP workloads, or even their entire SAP landscape in the cloud. Our favourite cloud option is Azure. The benefits are obvious:

  • easy to provide on a global scale, the ideal basis for worldwide SAP roll-outs
  • excellent security services, for example protecting SAP data exports from unauthorised access
  • almost endless scalability, even for short-term requirements
  • ideally suited for transformation to SAP HANA or SAP S/4HANA, as exemplified by SAP certifications for Azure

The first step is often a hybrid scenario: we provide development or training systems in the cloud, while production system operations remain with our customers or run under a hosting model at our German data centres. We would be happy to handle the management of this kind of hybrid initial scenario. Just ask!


The biggest tech companies, SAP or Microsoft in the business world, are increasingly providing new technologies and functions as services on their cloud platforms, ranging from advanced analytics and IoT to KI and machine learning. Companies can integrate these into their own applications use them in their processes. How we support you:

  • cloud services consulting with the focus on SAP Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure
  • process consulting: how do you integrate KI services, for example, into existing business processes?
  • development and interfaces
  • operations and support