The ERP system is at the core of business processes - in the cloud or on-premise. We elevate it to the high-performance, digital core of an interconnected, intelligent and automated company.


ERP systems form the digital core where all your business processes come together: include sales and distribution, logistics, finance and HR. It is therefore even more important to take the right decision: which ERP is the best match for your company and your processes? What business models must be mapped today? And what models tomorrow? How can the new digital processes for marketing, sales, IoT scenarios or predictive analytics be implemented or integrated in an ERP? As the leading SAP partner in the German-speaking market, we provide support for the following:

  • process consulting and selection consulting
  • implementations, operations, support, application management & managed services
  • individualised development


SAP Business ByDesign is the cloud ERP for smaller and medium-sized companies. These companies simply hire the software and obtain many benefits by it: full cost transparency in the monthly subscription fee, quick roll-out, no initial investment and can be used anywhere on mobile end-user devices. In addition, you enjoy complete flexibility, as the solution is scaleable in its entirety, thus supporting your business growth. This is all tied together in SAP Business ByDesign with the same strengths as a comprehensive ERP solution: all-in-one software for the whole company from project management and sales to accounting and finance. Optimal processes and the highest degree of transparency. And a uniform data basis for all employees.


SAP also provides the benefits and the many functions of SAP S/4HANA in the cloud. This is an advantage over the traditional reference model for companies. While the mapped business processes are more standardised, updates are rolled out on a quarterly basis. Another perk is the immediate access to innovations and new functions, for example in analytics or machine learning. And, of course, this eliminates IT effort related to hardware, IT infrastructure and operations.

This makes the cloud edition of SAP S/4HANA especially interesting for companies with core processes that are already relatively aligned with the SAP standard and that are following a dedicated cloud-first strategy.