Unternehmens Invest AG Further Enlarges its Shareholdings / All for One Steeb AG

Unternehmens Invest AG, a shareholder in All for One Steeb AG since 2008, acquires share package from Pierer Industrie AG thereby enlarging its total share of voting rights in All for One Steeb AG to 50.14% / Changes in the supervisory board

Filderstadt, 15 July 2016 – A shift in the shareholder structure of All for One Steeb AG, the Number 1 in the German-speaking SAP market has been made. The Unternehmens Invest AG, Vienna, wants to take greater part in the long-term development of this IT full-service provider. Consequently, UIAG Informatik-Holding GmbH, Vienna, itself a majority controlled company of Unternehmens Invest AG, has acquired 25.07% of All for One Steeb’s stock. As a result, Unternehmens Invest AG has now enlarged its share of the voting rights in All for One Steeb AG to 50.14%. The seller of the shares is the company Pierer Industrie AG, Wels, Austria. Friedrich Roithner, the CFO of Pierer Industrie AG, will be stepping down from the supervisory board of All for One Steeb AG effective 11 August 2016. Unternehmens Invest AG management board member Paul Neumann is to take his place in All for One Steeb AG’s 6-person supervisory board.

»We are a private industrial holding company that pursues a long-term investment horizon strategy. Because of this, we favour companies with strong brands and significant growth potential. In the case of All for One Steeb, we have been indirectly invested via BEKO HOLDING since 2008 and directly invested as an anchor shareholder since 2011. The company’s development and growth have been outstanding. With our majority of the voting interests, we intend to work closely with management to keep All for One Steeb on the winning track and further grow the business in a manner that is sustainable and value-oriented. We are superbly networked in All for One Steeb’s target market of small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses in countries where German is spoken. The fact that the company is listed on the stock exchange not only ensures transparency, but also supports our commitment to this growth and investment strategy«, declared Dr Rudolf Knünz, CEO of Unternehmens Invest AG.

»Our direct investment in All for One Steeb AG in 2011 let us bring exceptional SAP Automotive expertise on board. Even today, professional SAP implementations by All for One Steeb are what ensure the global growth of our successful vehicle group and its KTM, Husqvarna, WP and Pankl brand names. This is why we will continue to use All for One Steeb’s consulting services in the future. The sale of our interests in All for One Steeb simply underscores our strategic focus on the automotive industry«, said Stefan Pierer, the majority shareholder of Pierer Industrie AG.

»Had it not been for the longstanding trust and confidence of Dr Rudolf Knünz and Stefan Pierer, we would not be what we are today, namely the Number 1 in the German-speaking SAP market. We are increasingly providing our customers with advice on strategic digitisation projects that will empower them to advance and succeed. To do this we turn to our proprietary, midmarket-designed service solutions for such innovations as SAP S/4HANA and the Internet of Things. As a hybrid cloud orchestrator, we also take care of ensuring IT operations that are secure and efficient. We want to drive our business forward successfully with Unternehmens Invest AG as a strong majority shareholder«, said All for One Steeb CEO Lars Landwehrkamp.