Ad-hoc: Growth Strategy Making Progress in 3rd Quarter

Sales increase 11% to EUR 62.8 million (9 months) / Net earnings of EUR 2.7 million (9 months 2007: EUR 0.7 million) / EBIT declines from EUR 1.2 million to 0.3 million / Equity ratio rises to 48% (end of the prior year: 38%) / Sales forecast for 2008 reaffirmed / Achieving the EBIT target will depend largely on how the economy develops

Filderstadt, 05 November 2008 – All for One Midmarket AG, one of the leaders in the SAP midmarket segment in countries where German is spoken, completed its 9-month financial statements today. After finishing the quarter with the highest turnover ever achieved, this SAP full-service provider has now significantly improved its quarter-on-quarter sales for the 11th time in succession. Nine-month sales increased by 11% to EUR 62.8 million. The drivers behind this growth were the proceeds from the sale of SAP licenses (+57%) and recurring revenues from outsourcing services (+19%). Furthermore, the proceeds from IT consulting increased by 7% (3rd quarter: +16%).

The EBITA was EUR 1.0 million (9 months 2007: EUR 2.0 million) and the EBIT was EUR 0.3 million (9 months 2007: EUR 1.2 million). This decline in earnings is attributable mostly to significantly higher costs for personnel development and the ongoing Group restructuring. The number of employees as at 30 September rose 14% to 469 full-time equivalents.

Including the contribution to earnings from the sale of ACCURAT (discontinued operation), which was successfully concluded in the second quarter, All for One Midmarket AG achieved 9-month earnings of EUR 2.7 million (9 months 2007: EUR 0.7 million). This represents earnings per share of 50 euro cents (9 months 2007: 12 euro cents).

The signing of new long-term financing agreements did much to help strengthen the balance sheet as at 30 September 2008. The equity ratio increased from 38% (end of the prior year) to 48%. Cash and cash equivalents totalled EUR 6.3 million (31 December 2007: EUR 7.4 million).

At the present time it is not possible to make any reliable predictions regarding the degree to which investments in enterprise software will be reduced, put off or halted as a result of the global financial crisis. The Management Board has reaffirmed its 2008 sales projections of EUR 82 million to 85 million for the full 2008 year. Whether the preceding year's EBIT (EUR 1.0 million) can be exceeded in 2008 as previously forecast will depend essentially on how the economic environment develops in the remaining weeks of this year.

The complete interim report will be published as scheduled on 13 November 2008.