The key criteria we look out for when filling vacancies and jobs are qualifications, professional competence and »cultural fit«. Likewise, we promote equal opportunities for men and women in management and strive to include a reasonable proportion of women. At management level, for example, we offer part-time models to improve the work-life balance, as well as generally allowing flexible working independent of fixed times and locations and also helping with the identification and selection of individual childcare models. We also run special recruiting campaigns to appeal specifically to female applicants.

When composing the management board, the supervisory board evaluates potential candidates from both a personal and professional perspective with particular focus on criteria such as familiarity with the industry, experience, professional expertise or international experience. Candidates proposed to the annual general meeting for election to the supervisory board are selected on the basis of the skills set defined for the supervisory board and the objectives set by the supervisory board with regard to the composition of the board as a whole.

Also, in the course of the new appointment of management board member Michael Zitz, the supervisory board conducted an extensive process to identify suitable candidates and, taking into account the target set for the management board of a 20% share of women, also in particular to identify suitable female candidates. However, a comparably suitable female candidate could not be identified. The supervisory board will continue to make special efforts to find suitable female candidates for any future new appointments to the management board.

The promotion of advancement and development opportunities for our female employees and the special consideration of female applicants in recruitment procedures is an important aspect for the sustainable development of the company. Despite these efforts, we have not yet been able to fully achieve the set targets for the proportion of women at the third management level of 20%. This is partly due to the general over-representation of male employees in the IT industry. However, we are continuously working on intensifying our efforts in this area in order to further promote a positive development of the proportion of women in management positions in line with our set goals. These efforts have also been reflected in the key figures compared to the last financial year. The diversity targets for the supervisory board, the management board and the two management levels below the management board of All for One Group SE remain unchanged for the coming financial year.

Diversity – Achievement of our Targets

Share of women in %

Supervisory board 17 17 Achieved 17 17
Management board 20 0 Not achieved 0 0
Second-level management 10 40 Overachieved 31 0
Third-level management 20 16 Not achieved 15 18

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