For the Group 2021/22

Probable Corporate Development

Sales raised slightly // EBIT confirmed

The inorganic growth from the acquired companies and the expected continued high demand from customers will have a positive impact on Group sales growth. Our sales pipeline is well filled, and our CONVERSION/4 subscrip­tion model for transformation and innovation with SAP S/4HANA is gaining considerable pace.

Given these trends and the purchase of POET GmbH in May 2022, we have closely examined our guidance for financial year 2021/22 and have raised our sales guidance slightly while confirming our EBIT guidance. We now expect sales in financial year 2021/22 of between EUR 440 million and EUR 460 million and EBIT in a range between EUR 24 mil­lion and EUR 26 million.

Uncertainty still surrounds the progress of further decreas­ing pandemic waves and the question of how long the op­timistic mood will prevail, however. The biggest risk facing delivery of this guidance is therefore posed by renewed setbacks in economic development. We are focusing on the scheduled integra­tion of our acquisitions and, building on this and in light of our CONVERSION/4 sales, are developing new mid-term targets.

Forecast 2021/22 – All For One Group SE

In EUR millions, unless otherwise stated Forecast 2021/22 Actual 2020/21
Sales revenue (IFRS) 440 – 460 372.9
EBIT (IFRS) 24 – 26 20.6
Employee retention (in %) 94.2 – 94.7 94.7
Health index (in %) 96.9 – 97.4 97.4

Trends in the IT Market

Severe transformation pressure will doubtless prevail across the board, while the pressure on companies to digitalise workflows and business models will increase further. In the process, the role played by corporate IT will shift increasingly towards becoming a business partner in the digital transformation. The shortage of specialists, a lack of strategy, application and technology expertise as well es growing requirements in respect of security and availability when operating the applications and systems are likely to lead to transformation projects increasingly being launched with the involvement of external service providers such as the All for One Group. Particularly those IT providers who are very familiar with their customers' workflows, are recognised process experts, and operate in the still small, but strongly growing IT sub-markets for »new themes« should continue to witness significantly positive momentum im 2022. Sales of IT products and ser­vices are expected to increase by 4.8% in Germany in 2022 (Source: SITSI Software & IT Services Germany, PAC Pierre Audoin Consultants GmbH, Munich, 2021).

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