The new era of authorization lists has arrived!

"New SelfService in User Administration"

Many of our customers, e.g. from the outsourcing, application services or HCM environment, use so-called authorization lists for validatingso-called authorization lists. In the past, these lists were kept in Excel and had to be exchanged with the All for One Group by e-mail or ticket.

When an incoming request/ticket (change or service request) was received, the All for One Group checked it against the existing Excel lists and, for example, in the case of an unauthorized request, returned it to the was returned to the requestor so that he could have it released by an authorized person.

This construct has grown considerably over the years and, with increasing complexity, has repeatedly led to ambiguities or a need for clarification and thus to avoidable expense on both sides.

We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to give you an outlook on the changeover to the new digital authorization lists and the associated new self-service.In the future, one or more defined contact persons per customer will be able to maintain the authorization lists themselves directly in the system using the ServicePortal app "User Management" - these changes are live immediately! these changes are immediately live!

In addition, we have also implemented the frequently requested function of a time-limited authorization.

The changeover will take place step by step on a customer-specific basis and will be completed by 31.12.2022.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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