The employees in your company want to be able to work productively. The digital workplace must support them simply and well, no matter where the work takes place. Our services for the digital workplace ensure satisfied users - and satisfied workplace managers.


Imagine: A new employee starts at your company. Two days before his first day of work, he receives his workplace equipment delivered to his home: powerful laptop, smartphone, headset, adapter. Laptop and smartphone are equipped with all the tools and apps he needs for his work. All necessary access and permissions are granted and known to the new employee, as is the support contact.

During his career in your company, the employee takes on different positions. He needs new tools and authorisations, which are automatically assigned to him based on a role concept. Every 3 years, the hardware is replaced - a process that takes 10 minutes. He orders further software and hardware via a shop. In case of problems, he contacts a support staff member. This person even helps with application problems, for example around Office 365.

When the employee leaves, he hands in his equipment. Data and access are deleted, and the equipment is reused or re-marketed according to the employer's wishes.

All this is possible - with our User Centric Services.

Our services

Devices / IMAC Services

Modern end devices bring the digital workplace to life for users. We ensure that your users can work with the latest hardware and software and are not hindered by outdated technology.

To this end, we take over the complete IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change) service cycle for you: from the installation of hardware and software to delivery, relocation and implementation of additional requirements - and, if desired, all the way to professional data erasure and remarketing of used hardware.

We have access to a worldwide network of partners, but the responsibility is entirely ours. Contract, invoicing, complaints - we are your central contact.

By the way: Software provision and management is possible for both cloud software and your existing on-premise environment.

If you wish, we can also offer you complete mobile device management and endpoint security monitoring as a managed service.

Managed Communication & Collaboration

Your employees want to be able to communicate and collaborate from anywhere. We bundle your communication channels and make them available company-wide for all end devices. In particular, the integration of (video) telephony - i.e. the integration of tools such as Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams - is a challenge for many companies. Our services include:

  • Stand-alone and call centre solutions for telephony with Skype for Business or Teams.
  • Print & fax solutions
  • Implementation and support for Office 365 and Microsoft 365

We ensure proactive monitoring of the services and rapid troubleshooting in the event of a fault.

Application & Desktop Virtualization

The central, virtual provision of applications or workstations brings with it a number of advantages:

  • Easy and secure access to all corporate applications from anywhere, even with mobile devices or from terminals
  • More security and compliance for corporate data and applications
  • Uniform user interface for all usersuse on external terminals (e.g. for employees in the BYOD model, customers or suppliers)
  • Migrations, updates or adaptations of applications can be implemented quickly and securely
  • Lower hardware costs for end devices
  • We take over the virtual application or desktop provision as a service - also for workload-intensive applications such as CAD; from our data centres in Germany or from the cloud (e.g. Azure).

Authorisation workflows

Compliance requirements are increasing, and with them the management of accesses and authorisations - and their documentation - is becoming more and more important. We support with our workflows:

  • Implementation of role and authorisation concepts
  • Creation and administration of employees
  • Integration of new applications into role and authorisation workflows
  • Regular reporting

Self-Services and Support for your endusers

We offer help and support for your users in various forms:

  • Self-service portal for application questions from Office 365 to SAP: We provide learning platforms such as soluzione42 for your users, enriched with our own tutorials.
  • Service desk and support: For all further questions, our service desk and support hotline is available to your employees 24x7.

User Academy & Adoption

We can accompany you in a structured user adoption process to support your users in using new tools and functions, for example in the Microsoft 365 Suite, and integrating them into their daily work.

For application questions around Office 365, we provide suitable learning platforms such as soluzione42 for your users, for example as part of a self-service portal.


  • Satisfied, productive employees and a positive employee experience through well-equipped, up-to-date IT workplaces.
  • Time and cost savings for your internal IT
  • Transparency about hardware, applications and licences in use
  • Guaranteed, SLA-based adherence to cybersecurity & compliance requirements
  • Certified quality, e.g. in accordance with ISAE 3402 Service Quality Management and ISO 27001 (IT security)
  • If you wish, we can offer additional services for application management and business processes - all from a single source: the next level of productivity in your company


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