Social responsibility is part of our employees' lives - and at our company.

Again and again, I am impressed by the number of employees at All for One Group AG who tell me about the ways they spend their free time taking social responsibility and volunteering. The experiences range from volunteering at the fire department, memberships in athletics clubs and activities with the German Life Saving Association to volunteering at a crèche.

These volunteers have been at it for decades in some cases, setting a remarkable example for others. It is therefore only natural that our company also take an active interest in social responsibility, rather than considering it just a duty. It follows that we support those social projects in particular where our employees are also involved. In addition, we also support selected social projects of our customers. I would also like to mention here that we are particularly motivated to provide opportunities and open up possibilities for children, and to support and donate to their development. I would therefore like to present to you the ways in which All for One Group AG is committed currently.

Lars Landwehrkamp, CEO


JAM Deutschland is a Christian-humanitarian development organisation in Germany with the goal of helping the African continent become an economically stable and independent region. Andreas is active in his church congregation and supports JAM at Christmastime at the GOSPEL FORUM, a church in Stuttgart, Germany.

More information about JAM Deutschland e.V.

Our colleague Christian has competed in the past two years for the Alb Gold Trophy, a mountain biking race and its eponymous prize, as part of the campaign "Strampeln für ein Lächeln" ("Pedalling" for a smile) of the association Clowns im Dienst e.V., which sends in the clowns to visit sick children. The Alb Gold Trophy donates part of the entry fee of every participant, in turn supporting Clowns im Dienst.

More information about Clowns im Dienst

The Verein Freunde und Unterstützer der Kinderhospizarbeit Düsseldorf e.V (VdFU, registered association of friends and supporters of children's hospice work in Düsseldorf) lends a hand to families whose children are diagnosed with a life-shortening illness. Detlef Mehlmann collects donations, supports campaigns and plays an active role in fulfilling long-cherished wishes of the children. The donations made by the association are often the key to making this possible. The association was founded as a result of an initiative of biker4kids and we are only too happy to add our donation to this initiative, too.

More information about VdFU

The "Befreunden" (literally, befriending) project supports people being treated for depression by brokering friendships or social contacts with helpers, who organise small activities with them. One such helper is our colleague Andrea Anthes. The association is using our donation to throw a party for the patients and the helpers and, additionally, to put the word out about the project in the media. The goal is to attract more helpers.

More information about Horizonte e.V.

In the "I-CHECKS.NET" project (the name is slang meaning "I don't get it"), we provide tutoring for socially disadvantaged children and children whose families have recently immigrated to Germany. The teachers are volunteers or are paid with donations. Our colleague Danny Mayer and his wife volunteer as tutors for the Vision Leben e.V. association.

More information about the association Vision Leben e.V.

This is another friends' association project offering leisure activities for under-served families. We have been supporting this project financially for several years. The project is provided at the Kolping Bildungswerk, a training institute in Osnabrück, Germany, where our colleague Lars Haucap is a volunteer.

Biker4Kids is a community of motorcyclists who are actively involved with the outpatient children's hospice service in Düsseldorf, Germany. Detlef Mehlmann – who is an avid motorcyclist – donates his time to Biker4Kids by collecting donations at large events for motorcyclists and organising and giving motorcycle rides for the children. Our donation benefits the children in hospice directly.

The "Die Klabauterkinder" (the hobgoblin children) children's shop is a charity for crèches with a 40-year tradition in Dortmund-Benninghofen and provides a meeting point for parents and nursery teachers. Christian Hanzal-Bayer volunteers at a crèche that uses the Klabauterkinder facilities for children's parties.

More information about the friends' association Freie Kindergruppe Dortmund-Süd e. V.

This project provides initial training for violence-prevention trainers who then go to schools and nurseries to provide seminars, workshops and trainings on non-violent communication or assertiveness, depending on what is needed. Andreas Borz is an official member of ESG Frankonia Karlsruhe e.V., an association that provides the trainings.

More information about ESG Frankonia Karlsruhe e.V.

Jörgen Dalhoff volunteers for not one but three aid projects, including for Sozialstiftung Rutesheim (a foundation under public law), which helps people who have fallen on hard times in Rutesheim, Germany, for an aid project in South Africa called "Vulamasango"and for the kleine Hilfsaktion e.V., which helps projects in Cambodia.

The goal of this project is to teach children how to interact with nature, recognise fruit as a healthy food and to experience a complex ecosystem. Alexander is a member of the friends' association at the Oststadschule, a primarly school in Albstadt, Germany, where his oldest son Moritz attends grade 3. Grade 3 is equivalent to year 4 in the UK.

The aim of this initiative is to encourage more people to meet up in the town centre and to cultivate community and a social life within the village. To do this, the community's citizens themselves are constructing a village square that meets their needs and wishes.

Antenne Bergstraße is a people-to-people radio station and offers real diversity: volunteers are always welcome, whether children, pupils, people with or without disabilities and recent immigrants. Diana Reichert joined the radio station just this year and has already planned and moderated a show, among other things.

More information about Antenne Bergstraße e.V.

In an ideal world, children should be healthy, strong and confident. This is the mission of Klasse2000, the prevailing teaching programme in Germany that promotes health and preventative measures for addiction and violence at primary schools. Holger Mächtig and his wife, who is a teacher at the Steinbeiss comprehensive school in Ilsfeld, Germany, help with this project.

More information about Klasse 2000 e.V.