VPN connections to SAP for remote support

Important information from SAP about the migration of VPN connections to the Internet Key Exchange Protocol IKEv2

Dear customers

In the past few days, SAP SE has informed all customers by mail that a change in the VPN connections to the SAP remote connection is necessary. The Internet Key Exchange protocol IKEv1 will no longer be supported as of March 31, 2022.

If you SAP systems are hosted by All for One Group SE, you have to do nothing, because your SAP system landscape is connected to the SAP backbone by the All for One Group.
By doing this we already using the IKEv2 protocol to ensure the secure VPN connection to SAP.

If you oprate your SAP systems for yourself, you need to take action. Please check your existing VPN connection to SAP. If you are still using the Internet Key Exchange protocol IKEv1, you have to switch to IKEv2 before the above mentioned date. If you have any questions regarding your VPN connection please open a ticket in our Service Portal with the component SAP-XX-SER-NET-SHA2

For background information also read the informations on the special Landing Page in the SAP Support Launchpad.

Your Support of All for One Group SE