Strong Preliminary Figures for Financial Year 2011/12 / Ad-hoc: All for One Steeb AG

Sales: EUR 153.2 million (+70% over Oct 10 – Sep 11), EBIT: EUR 6.0 million (+26% over Oct 10 – Sep 11), EBIT burdened by one-time charges of EUR 2.9 million from Steeb integration, 2011/12 projection clearly surpassed, forecast raised for 2012/13

Filderstadt, 12 November 2012 – All for One Steeb AG, which holds a leading position in the German-speaking SAP midmarket segment, today published its preliminary figures for the period of 1 October 2011 to 30 September 2012. Steeb Anwendungssysteme GmbH (Steeb) has been consolidated since 1 December 2011.

Following an extremely strong 4th quarter (Jul – Sep 2012), this SAP full-service provider increased its total annual 2011/12 sales by 70% to EUR 153.2 million (2010/11: EUR 90.2 million). All three pillars of the integrated business model, namely recurring outsourcing services (including software maintenance), consulting and SAP licenses, posted strong gains. Sales from outsourcing services increased 96% to EUR 69.7 million (2010/11: EUR 35.5 million) and now comprise a 46% (2010/11: 39%) share of total revenues. Sales of SAP licenses improved 90% to EUR 26.5 million (2010/11: EUR 14.0 million), while consulting sales posted a gain of 44% to EUR 53.8 million (2010/11: EUR 37.5 million).

The preliminary EBIT increased 26% to EUR 6.0 million (2010/11: EUR 4.7 million) and includes one-time transaction- and integration-related charges of EUR 2.9 million from the inclusion of Steeb. The EBIT margin was thus 4% (2010/11: 5%). The preliminary EBT was unchanged EUR 5.0 million (2010/11: EUR 5.0 million). The number of employees as at 30 September 2012 rose to 712 (30 September 2011: 477).

With these results, the projections for the financial year 2011/12 of a sales gain of 60% over that of 2010/11 and an EBIT of EUR 7 million before one-time transaction and integration-related charges were also clearly surpassed.

In view of the inclusion of the OSC Group effective 1 November 2012, All for One Steeb AG has raised its earlier sales forecast of EUR 160 million for the financial year 2012/13 (1 Oct 12 – 30 Sep 13) to EUR 170 million. Despite increased investments in technology to further expand the outsourcing customer base, an EBIT margin of 5% – including the one-time transaction and integration costs for OSC – is expected to be reached in the financial year 2012/13. The risks of economic setbacks have increased significantly.

All for One Steeb AG will be releasing its final consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2011/12 as scheduled during its financial results press conference on 18 December 2012.