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Strong Figures for Financial Year 2013/14 Confirmed / Ad-hoc: Dividend to be Significantly Increased Again

Sales: EUR 217.2 million (+17% over prior year) / EBIT: EUR 13.5 million (+28% over prior year) / Group earnings: EUR 8.8 million (+56% over prior year) / Equity ratio of 34% (30 Sep 2013: 35%) / Dividend to be increased from 50 to 70 euro cents per share

Filderstadt, 28 November 2014 – All for One Steeb AG, the Number 1 in the German-speaking SAP market published its final figures for the financial year 2013/14 (1 October 2013 to 30 September 2014) following the supervisory board meeting to finalise the financial statements that was held on 28 November 2014.

The preliminary figures for 2013/14 that were published on 12 November 2014 have now been confirmed. The SAP full-service provider increased its annual sales for 2013/14 by 17% to EUR 217.2 million (2012/13: EUR 186.3 million). All three pillars of the integrated business model, namely recurring outsourcing services (including software maintenance), consulting and SAP licenses, posted strong gains. As a result, sales revenues from outsourcing services increased 15% to EUR 99.8 million (2012/13: EUR 86.8 million) and now account for a 46% (2012/13: 47%) share of total sales. Revenues from the sale of SAP licenses were EUR 30.2 million (2012/13: EUR 26.7 million) for a plus of 13%. Consulting revenues posted the strongest gain by increasing 21% to EUR 83.0 million (2012/13: EUR 68.5 million).

The increase in EBIT was markedly disproportionate to that of sales and improved 28% to EUR 13.5 million (2012/13: EUR 10.5 million) resulting in an EBIT margin of 6.2% (2012/13: 5.6%). The EBT increased 37% to EUR 12.0 million (2012/13: EUR 8.8 million). Group earnings totalled EUR 8.8 million (2012/13: EUR 5.6 million) for an increase of 56%. In line with the strong trend in earnings growth, the cash flow from operating activities increased from EUR 10.7 million (2012/13) to EUR 15.8 million (2013/14). The equity ratio as at 30 September 2014 was 34% (30 September 2013: 35%). Net debt declined from EUR 6.2 million (2012/13) to EUR 5.3 million (2013/14). The number of employees as at 30 September 2014 rose to 1,077 (30 September 2013: 926).
In line with the the strong results, the management and supervisory board have decided to significantly increase its dividend again. Therefore, the recommendation will be made to authorise a distribution of 70 euro cents (2014: 50 euro cents, 2013: 15 euro cents) per share entitled to dividends during the company’s annual general meeting to be held on 11 March 2015.

All for One Steeb AG will be publishing its complete annual report for the financial year 2013/14 as scheduled in conjunction with its financial results press conference on 17 December 2014.