SAP-Services Location in Istanbul established

All for One Steeb Yazılım Servisleri LTD (»All for One Steeb Software Services LLC«) founded / Istanbul has well-qualified German-speaking SAP experts / Focus exclusively on customers in countries where German is spoken / Application management and remote services support for SAP expanded

Filderstadt, 25 July 2013 – All for One Steeb AG currently employs some 900 people, which means that its staffing strength has more than doubled in only four years. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ranks this SAP full-service provider among those companies with the strongest growth in headcount. Despite these increases in the workforce, All for One Steeb continues to look for well-qualified SAP experts. Recruiting campaigns at German airports, in Deutsche Bahn passenger trains, at the CeBIT technology fair and on the internet (, along with excellent ratings on job and career portals and actively promoted training programmes, have enhanced the image of being both the Number 1 on the German-language SAP midmarket segment and an attractive employer. An added boost is expected from the new company All for One Steeb Yazılım Servisleri LTD (»All for One Steeb Software Services LLC«) in Istanbul that was founded in early July. »For us, this step into the human resources market in Turkey«, explained All for One Steeb AG CEO Lars Landwehrkamp, »does not mean that we are turning our back on the localised jobs in countries where German is spoken, nor simply extending our workbench for ordinary SAP services. Instead, we are taking this step into the up-and-coming personnel markets in Istanbul, with their well-qualified SAP applications and systems consultants, developers and systems experts who are perfect in German, in order to further strengthen the expertise of our entire services and support organisation. Our customers in countries where German is spoken can look forward to receiving the same superb quality of remote support and application management services from Turkey, as is provided from our locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.«

»To lead the Istanbul core team, we were able to engage a long-time employee from All for One Steeb with Turkish roots, who now wants to return to Turkey«, said a pleased Detlef Mehlmann, who as the Head of Alliance Management SAP Cloud Solutions and United VARs is responsible for establishing the business in Istanbul. Through the United VARs Alliance, this SAP full service provider also offers local support and comprehensive consulting services in 57 countries.