Ad hoc: Public Offer to Repurchase Shares


Filderstadt, 15 July 2010 – On the basis of the authority to repurchase shares granted by the annual general meeting of 11 March 2010, the management board of All for One Midmarket AG decided today that it will tender a public offer to purchase up to 139,353 shares of All for One Midmarket AG stock and specified the final details of the public offer. As part of this offer, All for One Midmarket AG shareholders may tender their shares for sale at a price of EUR 4.30 during the period of acceptance, which begins on 20 July 2010 and ends on 3 August 2010 at 12 o’clock noon (CET). Further details about the public offer to repurchase shares can be found in the offer document, which will be published on 20 July 2010 on the company’s website and in the German Electronic Federal Gazette.

Important Notice
This announcement is not a solicitation to sell All for One Midmarket AG shares. The provisions of the offer and the terms and conditions governing it are included in the offer document. All for One Midmarket AG shareholders are encouraged to read the offer document carefully once it is published as it will contain important Information.