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Preliminary Figures for Financial Year 2015/16 Consistent with Plans / Ad-hoc: Initial Outlook for 2016/17

Preliminary unaudited figures (IFRS) for financial year 2015/16: Sales: EUR 266.3 million (+10% over prior year) / EBIT: EUR 18.8 million (+2% over adjusted prior-year EBIT; -2% below prior year) / EBT: EUR 17.4 million (+8% over prior year) / Equity ratio: 39% (30 Sep 2015: 32%) / Net liquidity: EUR 10.0 million (30 Sep 2015: EUR 3.5 million) / B4B Solutions GmbH cloud acquisition closed on schedule / Outlook for 2016/17: SAP HANA and cloud portfolio to be significantly bolstered and expanded

All for One Steeb AG, a leading IT service provider and the number 1 in the German-speaking SAP market, today released its preliminary, unaudited figures (IFRS) for financial year 2015/16 (1 Oct 2015 to 30 Sep 2016). All for One Steeb increased its preliminary full-year sales for 2015/16 by 10% to EUR 266.3 million (2014/15: EUR 241.6 million). Recurring revenues from outsourcing and cloud services (including software maintenance) improved 7% to EUR 117.7 million (2014/15: EUR 110.4 million) and now account for a 44% share of total sales (2014/15: 46%).

SAP HANA is making major headway. Revenues from the sale of SAP licenses reached a record level of EUR 32.8 million (2014/15: EUR 28.7 million) for an increase of 14%. Consulting revenues posted a plus of 13% to EUR 110.9 million (2014/15: EUR 98.0 million).

In terms of earnings, the financial year 2015/16 was marked by increased investments and expenditures for expanding future fields of growth with SAP S/4HANA and cloud services. The prior-year earnings also included a positive special effect relating to another period in the amount of EUR 0.7 million from the reversal of a provision (ORGA transaction, 2012/13). An EBIT gain of 2% was achieved over the adjusted EBIT of the prior year. The preliminary EBIT for 2015/16 was EUR 18.8 million (2014/15: EUR 19.3 million), thus resulting in an EBIT margin of 7.1% (2014/15: 8.0%).

The preliminary EBT increased to EUR 17.4 million for a gain of 8% over the prior year (2014/15: EUR 16.1 million). The number of employees rose 8% to 1,302 (30 Sep 2015: 1,203).

This good business performance in 2015/16 also resulted in a significant improvement in the equity ratio to 39% (30 Sep 2015: 32%) and a considerable increase in net liquidity to EUR 10.0 million (30 Sep 2015: EUR 3.5 million).

The forecast for the financial year 2015/16, namely revenues of EUR 255 million to 265 million and an EBIT of EUR 18.5 million to 19.5 million, was slightly exceeded on the sales side and attained in terms of EBIT.

Over the course of the financial year 2016/17, All for One Steeb wants to direct this current good momentum towards achieving growth opportunities that lie further in the future. This is expected to lead to increased expenditures and investments, such as in proprietary SAP S/4HANA-based industry solutions and our cloud portfolio – a move that will sustainably grow and strengthen tomorrow’s recurring revenues as well.

Revenues in 2016/17 are projected to be between EUR 280 million and 290 million with an EBIT of EUR 18.5 million to 20.5 million. Potential economic setbacks represent a significant risk to reaching these objectives. The completion of the acquisition of a 70% interest in the cloud specialist B4B Solutions GmbH, Graz/Austria, according to plan as at 1 November 2016 should further promote growth and an increase in cloud revenues in the years to come. All for One Steeb AG will release its final consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2015/16 as scheduled during its financial results press conference on 14 December 2016.