Over 20 New Client Projects / AC-Group Gaining Strength

Enjoying a tremendous response on the customer market. All for One wins over 20 important new client projects. Successful sales of SAP software licenses increase recurring software-maintenance revenues. One of every three new clients also use Managed IT Services from the Outsourcing Service Center. SAP's new partner program ensures expanded market access. Midmarket companies increasingly focusing their sourcing strategies on one-stop service providers.

Stuttgart, 26 October 2006 – The AC-Group is heading toward a phase of sustained growth with its strategy of covering the entire IT value chain as a one-stop service provider and delivering full service and support to small to mid-sized enterprises in countries where German is spoken. A key role in this is being played by All for One Midmarket Solutions, which has been a part of AC-Service AG since February 2006 and, thanks to its powerful sales performance this year, has already acquired more than 20 significant new SAP client projects among small to mid-sized machine-making companies and auto-parts suppliers. About every fourth new customer belongs to the high-end midmarket segment that SAP itself had been addressing. This segment will be opened to leading systems houses like All for One in line with a newly aligned support concept. The related partner agreements were signed at the end of September 2006. Implementation projects within the high-end midmarket segment mostly include the sale of licenses for several hundred users along with rollout services often ranging in scope from 700 to over 1,000 man days. All for One was recently awarded contracts for comprehensive new SAP implementation projects for the technology group R. Stahl AG of Waldenbuch; Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG, a full-service supplier for the automobile and electronics industry, as well as for the Wagner Group in Markdorf, which operates globally on the market for surface coating and decoration. Right from the outset, some one-third of our new SAP clients also choose to benefit from Managed IT Services. Supporting this trend is a broad spectrum of services specially developed by AC-Service called AC Implementation Service, which enables, all from within the Managed IT Service Center, the provision, operation and maintenance of all the systems needed in the rollout phase of a mySAP industry solution. This not only has a positive impact on the entire implementation project, but also lays the foundation for the detailed planning and the implementation of the IT operating concept for the phase following the completion of the rollout project.

The inclusion of All for One in the AC-Group is generating a lot of momentum even beyond Germany, most notably for AC in Austria and Switzerland. As part of the implementation of its new support model for small to mid-sized companies, SAP in Austria has named AC-Service/All for One a industry partner for auto-parts suppliers and just recently for the machine-making industry as well. ProServ, the mySAP All-in-One industry solution from the St. Gallen-based AC company Process Partner AG that has already been superbly established in Switzerland with some 25 installations and 4,500 users, will be newly marketed in Germany under the designation All for Service through selected partner companies from the All for One partner network.

AC-Service AG will be publishing its 9-month (quarterly) report on 14 November 2006. An analyst presentation (telephone conference) will be held the same day. Then on 29 November the company will be giving a presentation at the German Equity Forum in Frankfurt.