Name Change Completed / All for One Midmarket AG

Name change completed / Shares to trade as All for One Midmarket AG for first time beginning 18 July 2008

Stuttgart, 18 July 2008 – As part of its strategic plan of implementing an integrated business model, AC-Service AG, Stuttgart, has been given a new name and is now called All for One Midmarket AG. This step is coupled with the continuation of its robust and profitable growth path. Today (Friday) marks the first time that the shares of this SAP full- service provider will be trading as All for One Midmarket AG. All the other listing elements remain unchanged including the trading segment (Prime Standard, Frankfurt Stock Exchange), the ISIN (DE0005110001), trading venues (XETRA, Frankfurt and German regional exchanges), class of shares (registered shares) and so forth.

Since the onset of the realignment phase in 2006, the Group, now operating under the name All for One Midmarket AG, has made impressive progress and has taken a leading position in the SAP midmarket segment where German is spoken. Adjusted for the sale of ACCURAT in May 2008, sales increased from EUR 33.8 million (2005) to EUR 78.1 million (2007) and the EBITA from minus EUR 0.3 million (2005) to EUR 2.1 million (2007). In the meantime, more than 450 people are employed by the Group (31.12.2005: 208).

Furthermore, in only a short period of time, structures were brought in line to reflect a modern and highly capable service organisation and the business was restructured cross-nationally into the two business divisions "Integrated Solutions" and "HR Solutions". New long-term growth financing agreements were signed to secure the major investments required for the continuing growth path.

In order to further reinforce the organisation, the German unit of the largest business division "Integrated Solutions" operating as All for One Midmarket Solutions & Services GmbH, Stuttgart, will merge into the Group parent All for One Midmarket AG during this 3rd quarter 2008.

"This new All for One, which unites the strengths of the former All for One with the services, products and experience of AC-Service, lets us move forward with our integrated business model and sharpen our focus - both of which should lead to increased profitability in the coming years", reports Lars Landwehrkamp, the spokesman of the All for One Midmarket AG Management Board.