Focus on the competitive strength of their customers: All for One Group strengthens future fields / New market presence from April 11

Large-scale strategic offensive 2022 / All for One Group strengthens expertise in future fields such as New Work, Customer Experience, IoT or Cybersecurity & Compliance / New market presence as of April 11 / All for One Steeb AG becomes All for One Group AG

Filderstadt, April 11, 2019 - The large-scale strategy offensive of the All for One Steeb Group - now All for One Group - which was launched last year, is currently being implemented. The expanded focus on future fields such as New Work, Customer Experience, IoT or Cybersecurity & Compliance, which are increasingly contributing to maintaining competitive strength, is playing a central role in this. "A highly developed, intelligent ERP like SAP S/4HANA is certainly the foundation of any future corporate IT. But an intelligent networked company that is characterized by progress and innovation must master the interaction of people, data, processes and systems - in all disciplines," explains CEO Lars Landwehrkamp.

There are many facets of competitiveness

"The facets of our customers' competitiveness are now manifold. Networked, collaborative work is just as much a part of this as a consistent customer experience, predictive analytics or the continuous adaptation of strategies and internal processes to new technologies such as machine learning or artificial intelligence. This is the only way to make ideal use of these technologies," Landwehrkamp continues.

New market presence: All for One Group makes customers number 1

With 1800 experts and the implementation power of leading business IT from SAP, Microsoft and IBM, the All for One Group orchestrates the important interplay of all facets - from strategy and business model to business processes in all specialist areas - and continues to expand its expertise in future fields. To ensure that the comprehensive competence of the group is also visible to the outside world, the All for One Group is combining a new market presence. From now on, the All for One Group can be recognized by the strong 1. "The 1 symbolizes our vision and self-imposed task: We want - and can - use the concentrated know-how from our group to make our customers the number 1 in their market", explains Lars Landwehrkamp the new logo. The new claim "one idea ahead" underscores the All for One Group's focus on maintaining and expanding the competitive strength of its customers.

All for One Steeb AG becomes All for One Group AG

In the course of the new market presence, the group will also be renamed. With immediate effect, the former All for One Steeb AG will be renamed All for One Group AG. Lars Landwehrkamp: "The group-wide market presence is also reflected in the name. The renaming is a consequence of the new brand architecture".

Customer Day on 5 June in Mannheim: The intelligent networked company

The first major appearance under the new flag is on 5 June. At the group-wide Customer Day, the focus will be on the interaction of people, data, processes and systems in the context of the networked intelligent company. The topics of the day are S/4HANA Transformation, New Work, Customer Experience, Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity & Compliance and, in the IoT area, the digital twin (

The All for One Group:


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