PUR 2020: All for One is Champion in Managed Application Services

User companies have decided and selected the All for One Group in the techconsult User Rating 2020 as champion and high performer in the field of managed services.

Which IT service providers are the best managed service providers in Germany? Under this question techconsult GmbH accompanied and moderated the "Professional User Rating: Managed Service 2020" (PUR MS).

The concept - the customer satisfaction analysis by users for users

For the first time, more than 2150 user companies evaluated their purchased managed services and the corresponding provider companies. The evaluation was conducted in the two dimensions Company Rating and Service Rating with 67 criteria in 14 sub-categories.

In total, the focus was on more than 75 providers offering managed services in the IT environment on the German-speaking market.

Excellent result for the All for One Group

The positioning of the service providers is done in the so-called diamond - a two-dimensional diagram standing on a point. Basically, service providers are the better the higher they are positioned in the diamond.

In total, the 18 best managed service providers made it into the diamond. The All for One Group positioned itself at the top with HPE and Telekom Deutschland and was thus awarded champion status.

For further information and lists of best performers please visit the website of techconsult GmbH