Group Financial Statements Confirm Strong Financial Year 2011/12 / All for One Steeb AG

Sales: EUR 153.2 million (+70% over 2010/11) / Organic growth of some 20% / EBIT: EUR 6.0 million (+26% over 2010/11) / Steeb successfully integrated / One-time charges of EUR 2.9 million / Net group earnings: EUR 4.2 million (minus 42% over 2010/11) / Equity ratio: 35% (30 Sep 2011: 59%) / SAP full-service provider with an expanded portfolio of products and services

Filderstadt, 17 December 2012 – All for One Steeb AG, the leader in the German-speaking SAP midmarket segment, today published its consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2011/12 (1 Oct 2011 – 30 Sep 2012).

The newly formed company All for One Steeb AG, which arose from the 1 December 2011 consolidation of Steeb Anwendungssysteme GmbH (Steeb), continued making robust progress with its strategy of growth in the financial year 2011/12. This SAP full-service provider improved overall annual revenues by 70% to EUR 153.2 million (2010/11: EUR 90.2 million). Revenue growth of approximately 20% was achieved on a purely organic basis (not including Steeb). Sales of EUR 134.9 million (2010/11: EUR 72.7 million) are attributable to Germany.

Each of the three pillars of its integrated business model, namely recurring outsourcing services (including software maintenance), consulting and SAP licenses, posted strong gains. Sales revenues from outsourcing services increased 96% to EUR 69.7 million (2010/11: EUR 35.5 million) and now account for a share of 46% (2010/11: 39%) of total revenues. The increase generated in SAP licenses was 90% to EUR 26.5 million (2010/11: EUR 14.0 million), while consulting revenues posted a plus of 44% to EUR 53.8 million (2010/11: EUR 37.5 million).

The EBIT improved 26% to EUR 6.0 million (2010/11: EUR 4.7 million) and includes one-time charges in the amount of EUR 2.9 million relating to the transaction to acquire and subsequently integrate Steeb. The EBIT margin was thus 4% (2010/11: 5%). The number of employees as at 30 September 2012 increased to 712 (30 September 2011: 477).

Despite these high one-time costs, an EBT on par with the prior year of EUR 5.0 million was achieved in 2011/12. Net group earnings for 2011/12 declined from EUR 7.3 million (2010/11) to EUR 4.2 million (2011/12) and include reduced contributions to earnings from the discontinued operation in the amount of EUR 0.9 million (2010/11: EUR 2.1 million), along with an increased tax expense of EUR 1.8 million (2010/11: tax yield of EUR 0.2 million). Earnings per share were therefore EUR 0.76 (2010/11: EUR 1.41). The net debt as at 30 September 2012 was EUR 12.3 million (30 September 2011: net liquidity of EUR 12.6 million).

All for One Steeb CEO Lars Landwehrkamp: »In only four years we more than doubled revenues and have advanced to become the new »Number 1« in the German-speaking SAP midmarket segment. With the successful incorporation of Steeb, we now intend to continue our vigorous expansion in SAP’s wake, provided the economy doesn’t challenge take a turn for the worse. New technologies and initiatives, such as Analytics, SAP HANA, Mobile Solutions and Software on Demand help broaden our strategic options«.

All for One Steeb AG expects to achieve revenues of EUR 170 million and an EBIT margin of 5% in the financial year 2012/13 (1 Oct 2012 – 30 Sep 2013).