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Full Year Forecast Raised / Strong Gains in Earnings after 9 Months 2013/14

Revenues: EUR 160.9 million (+19% over Oct 12 – Jun 13) / EBIT: EUR 9.2 million (+27% over Oct 12 – Jun 13) / Earnings after tax: EUR 5.7 million (+53% over Oct 12 – Jun 13) / Earnings per share of EUR 1.03 (+63% over Oct 12 – Jun 13) / Equity ratio: 35% (30 Sep 13: 35%) / Forecast raised / Early extension of management board members’ contracts until 2019

Filderstadt, 31 July 2014 – All for One Steeb AG, which holds a leading position in the German-language SAP midmarket segment, today announces its operating results for the period 1 October 2013 to 30 June 2014.

During the 9-month reporting period of the financial year 2013/14, this full-service provider increased its revenues by 19% from EUR 135.7 million to 160.9 million. Contributing to this growth in revenues was avantum consult AG, Düsseldorf, the specialist for business analytics and corporate performance management with its sales of EUR 1.4 million.

All three pillars of All for One Steeb AG’s integrated business model – recurring outsourcing services (including software maintenance), SAP licenses and consulting – posted strong gains. Sales revenues from outsourcing services rose 17% to EUR 73.9 million (Oct 2012 – Jun 2013: EUR 63.2 million) and now account for a share of 46% (Oct 2012 – Jun 2013: 47%) of total revenues. Licensing sales added a solid plus of 30% to EUR 23.2 million (Oct 2012 – Jun 2013: EUR 17.8 million). Consulting revenues also improved significantly by gaining 19% to EUR 60.6 million (Oct 2012 – Jun 2013: EUR 51.2 million).

The EBIT improved disproportionately in relation to the growth in revenues by increasing 27% to EUR 9.2 million (Oct 2012 – Jun 2013: EUR 7.3 million) resulting in an EBIT margin of 5.7% (Oct 2012 – Jun 2013: 5.3%). The EBT was EUR 8.1 million (Oct 2012 – Jun 2013: EUR 6.0 million), which is a gain of 36%. Earnings after taxes improved 53% to EUR 5.7 million (Oct 2012 – Jun 2013: EUR 3.7 million), while the earnings per share were EUR 1.03 (Oct 2012 – Jun 2013: EUR 0.63). The unchanged equity ratio as at 30 June 2014 was 35%. The number of employees increased to 1,068 (30 June 2013: 899).

All for One Steeb AG adjusted the forecast for the financial year 2013/14 which it made on 7 November 2013 – namely revenues within a range of EUR 205 million and 210 million and an EBIT between EUR 10.5 million and 11.0 million – and now expects revenues to be at least EUR 215 million with an EBIT between EUR 11 million and 12 million for the financial year 2013/14.

To continue with what has been a successful strategy for growth, the All for One Steeb AG supervisory board decided to extend the contracts with the two members of the management board, Lars Landwehrkamp (CEO) and Stefan Land (CFO), by an additional five years to 30 September 2019 through an early reappointment effective 1 October 2014. Both sides have already signed the contracts. The All for One Steeb supervisory board chairman Peter Brogle: »Under the leadership of these two members of the management board, All for One Steeb has grown and developed exceptionally well in recent years. We are building on this continuity, and are certain that by doing so we will have reinforced the basis for further success«.

All for One Steeb AG will be publishing its 9-Month Report for the financial year 2013/14 as scheduled on 7 August 2014.