Expands Portfolio / AC Implementation Service

New AC Implementation Service offered for IT operation during the launch phase of ERP solutions. Basis for new IT operating models. Change in IT sourcing strategies within small to mid-sized business market. Expansion of one-stop range of IT systems and services.

Stuttgart, 28 August 2006 – The Managed IT Services division of AC-Service is recording a steadily increasing demand for the kind of IT operating models that include outsourcing as well as remote support and technology services. In addition to infrastructure-driven projects that small to mid-size user enterprises commission only years later in response to changes that have already occurred in their application landscape, the field of IT operation itself is increasingly reaching its limits even for new ERP implementations. This is often attributable to issues such as poor security, a lack of flexibility, restricted availability and insufficient operating efficiency, which only help increase the demand for new IT operating models. AC-Service attributes this trend to fundamentally changed sourcing strategies based on such policies as Basle II and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as to technological advances toward service-oriented architectures. What's more, CIOs are looking differently at their roles and see themselves more as »business enablers«, who are focusing their resources on attaining greater value growth. Recurring IT operational tasks are therefore being handled more than ever before by external partners.

New AC Implementation Service available for IT operations during the launch phase of ERP solutions
Because there are usually considerable time pressures and a tremendous amount of resources involved in ERP projects, it is difficult to put new operating concepts into service during the launch of new enterprise software solutions. This is why AC-Service is expanding its service lines through the addition of a special implementation service. This services package, focused primarily on the implementation phase of mySAP solutions, ensures the provision, operation and maintenance of all the systems needed during this phase entirely from within the Managed IT Service Center. Ready-made systems and application platforms, development and test systems, infrastructures for wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN), firewalls and storage systems, not to mention authorisation roles and much more are available practically right away and do not first have to be specially planned, procured or installed at great effort and expense. This means that ERP implementation projects can get going earlier. These systems are also fully incorporated within the integrated systems management in the Managed IT Service Center. Malfunctions and problems are identified at the earliest stage and are eliminated proactively. This AC Implementation Service helps regulate the ERP implementation project and the phase involving the IT operation redesign. This lets project teams give their undivided attention to installing the application before the benchmarks and detailed designs needed for optimal IT operation are established during a special AC-Service workshop program.

The AC Implementation Service, as an IT operating concept for the implementation phase of a new ERP solution, is especially geared to the needs of implementation, optimisation and roll-out projects for the mySAP industry solution All for One. These are employed primarily in small to mid-size machine-making and systems-engineering companies, in the auto parts industry and in service companies. All for One Midmarket Solutions has been a part of AC-Service AG since February 2006. Companies such as the baling-press maker HSM in Salem, Bals Electronics in Kirchhundem, the high-tech service provider Formel D in Troisdorf and the sanitary-fixture manufacturer Neoperl in M�llheim are using the AC Implementation Service during the implementation phase of their mySAP industry solutions. This service also helps AC-Service further expand its one-stop portfolio, which comprehensively covers not only the entire IT value chain ranging from SAP licences, industry solutions, implementation consulting, software maintenance to operation within the Managed IT Service Center, but also the unique needs and requirements of the user companies.