Corporate News: Final Figures for Financial Year 2009/10

Sales: EUR 78.8 million (+6% over Oct 08 – Sep 09*) / EBITDA: EUR 6.0 million (Oct 08 – Sep 09*: EUR 3.2 million) / EBIT: EUR 2.5 million (Oct 08 – Sep 09*: minus EUR 0.3 million) / Equity ratio: 55% (30 Sep 2009: 50%) / Planned dividend recommendation of 30 euro cents per share / EBIT outlook of EUR 3.4 million for 2010/11 confirmed* The prior-year figures were determined retroactively for the 12-month period of 1 October 2008 to 30 September 2009

Filderstadt, 15 December 2010 – All for One Midmarket AG, which holds a leading position in the German-language SAP midmarket segment, today published its consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2009/10. This SAP full-service provider improved revenues by 6% to EUR 78.8 million (Oct 2008 – Sep 2009: EUR 74.1 million). Recurring sales revenues from outsourcing services increased 16% to EUR 31.4 million (Oct 2008 – Sep 2009: EUR 27.0 million), which means that these services now account for 40% of sales (Oct 2008 – Sep 2009: 36%).

Whereas reduced working hours and plant closures on the part of customers at the turn of the 2009/10 year led to declines in consulting revenues in the first half-year of 2009/10 (minus 9% year on year), consulting revenues in the second half of the year picked up again (+1% year on year), which resulted in an overall decline of 5% to EUR 32.8 million for the year as a whole (Oct 2008 – Sep 2009: EUR 34.4 million). Thanks to projects for new customers, licensing revenues gained an impressive 19% and increased from EUR 9.9 million to EUR 11.8 million in year-on-year comparison.

The 2009/10 EBITDA was EUR 6.0 million (Oct 2008 – Sep 2009: EUR 3.2 million). The related EBIT was EUR 2.5 million (Oct 2008 – Sep 2009: minus EUR 0.3 million) and resulted in an EBIT to sales margin of 3%. Earnings after taxes were EUR 2.0 million and the corresponding prior-year figure was minus EUR 0.5 million (continuing operations). Earnings per share were thus 38 euro cents for this past financial year. The equity ratio as at 30 September 2010 was 55% (30 September 2009: 50%). The number of employees increased 1% to 424 (30 September 2009: 418).

Stefan Land, Chief Financial Officer of All for One Midmarket AG: »For the financial year 2009/10, the management and supervisory board want to propose a base dividend of 15 euro cents per share, along with an additional special dividend of 15 euro cents per share, to the annual general meeting scheduled for 16 March 2011. This special dividend will allow shareholders to participate one-time in the remarkable progress the company has made in its realignment as an SAP full-service provider«. Looking ahead to the financial year 2010/11, All for One Midmarket AG still expects growth in revenues to be within a mid single-digit percentage range, and a positive EBIT of approximately EUR 3.4 million (plus 34% over the prior year).