Cloud Services & Support Revenues up 22% / Half-Year Financial Report 2018/19 Published

Recurring revenues account for an increased share of 47% (1 HY 2017/18: 44%) / SAP Pinnacle Award 2019 »Customer Experience Partner of the Year« / »Microsoft Ecosystem Leader Germany SAP on Azure« (ISG)

Filderstadt, 13 May 2019 – All for One Group AG, leading IT services and consulting provider, has published its (unaudited) half-year financial report for the 6-month figures for the period 1 October 2018 to 31 March 2019 as scheduled on 9 May 2019.

Since launching its strategy offensive in mid-November 2018, successful implementation is progressing as scheduled. Increasing the ability of its customers to compete is right at the top of the agenda. Achieving this goal requires the right combination of people, business workflows, data and IT systems in smart networked businesses. This is where All for One Group AG’s expanded service portfolio comes into play, which will help take its customers right to the top. The »bold 1« at the centre of the new brand architecture is symbolic of this ambition. From now on, it will define the branding of the entire Group. The logical consequence of which has been to change the name of All for One Steeb AG. The new name is All for One Group AG and it is still the number 1 in the German SAP midmarket. But that is not the end of the story by far.

Above and beyond transforming the ERP customers to SAP S/4HANA as their »Digital Core«, All for One Group AG also wants to play a key role in shaping the fast and furious developments in the lines of business and, in doing so, to further expand its access to the upper midmarket. In keeping with this ambition, All for One Group AG is focusing on further future areas of growth as part of its strategy offensive: New Work, Cybersecurity & Compliance, IoT & Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, Recruiting & Talent Management and Customer Experience. All for One Group AG is planning to become just as strong in these fields as in ERP, and with just as great a market presence. Which is why the Group is particularly delighted to be the recipient of a global SAP Pinnacle Award 2019, given by SAP as »Customer Experience Partner of the Year«. When it comes to »SAP operation on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform«, the analysts from Information Services Group already rank All for One Group AG among the »Microsoft Ecosystem Leaders in Germany« (ISG Research 2019).

All for One Group AG also wants to grow in the field of Recruiting & Talent Management. Since 1 January 2019, the group has been including the acquisition of TalentChamp Consulting GmbH, Vienna/Austria, in full in its consolidated financial statements. The company is an acknowledged cloud specialist with years of SAP SuccessFactors expertise, and has excellent references in the upper midmarket.

The competitive ability of All for One Group AG’s customers – most of whom are strongly export-driven – is dictated not least by their international orientation. The group has been able to grow its United VARs network – the world's largest and most powerful alliance of SAP resellers – to more than 50 partners. Together with them, All for One Group AG is now locally represented in more than 100 countries. No other SAP partner can match this in terms of global reach.