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Change of Name to All for One / AC in Vienna

Reinforcing its position among midmarket companies with new fixed-price packages for SAP. Well-received portfolio as full-scale SAP service provider in Austria. Significant new-client accounts. End-to-end approach and uniform market appearance of Managed IT Services and SAP Solutions activities under All for One strengthen market position and performance.

Vienna , Stuttgart, 14 May 2007 – The AC-Group continues to expand both its business operations and related range of products and services as a full-scale SAP service provider for small to mid-sized businesses under the »All for One« brand and »Member of AC-Group« endorsement. As a part of this the Managed IT Services-focused AC-Service GmbH of Vienna was renamed to All for One Midmarket Solutions & Services. A later step will see AC Solutions, which operates in the SAP consulting field and is also headquartered in Vienna, merging with this renamed company. Doing so will ensure a uniform market presence as a full-scale SAP service provider in Austria - and in Germany in the future - under the All for One brand name. There will be no personnel changes as a result of this action. Erich Losert is the managing director of All for One in Austria, Leo Fuchs is in charge of consulting and Peter Kaiser is the sales manager. AC-Service AG of Stuttgart remains the sole shareholder, whose »AC« brand, as the master brand of the AC-Group, will form the centrepiece of its future communications with the capital market.

This new launch under the All for One brand in Austria primarily supports the enhanced transfer of what is in Germany (and increasingly in Austria) a successfully practiced business model of being a full-scale SAP service provider for small to mid-sized businesses. All for One in Germany is already one of the leading SAP midmarket partners and was able to win some 50 new client accounts last year. This further broadening of industry expertise in Austria under All for One will afford some excellent opportunities to garner one of the leading market positions there as well. SAP Austria is supporting this strategic course and has named All for One an industry partner for the auto-part supplier, machine-making, systems engineering and service provider segments as part of its new midmarket support model.

New fixed-price packages to further anchor SAP in the midmarket sector
All for One's portfolio encompasses the entire IT value chain and extends from SAP licenses, industry solutions and consulting to the implementation, optimisation and business intelligence all the way to comprehensive Managed IT Services in the Outsourcing Service Center. Newly developed fixed-price packages geared to specific industries have also been designed in order to more fully anchor SAP among small to mid-sized businesses. These are based on the SAP industry solutions for machinery and systems engineering (All for Machine), the auto-part supplier industry (All for Automotive) and for service providers (All for Service). The additional fixed-price packages Business Intelligence Logistics Portal, SAP Sales Portal and Engineering Cockpit have been put together to improve the ability to respond, plan and manage the business of midmarket companies. Another fixed-price package includes the industry solution, implementation and operation from within the Managed IT Service Center and thereby responds to the trend of how business, IT application and IT operation are converging more and more.

There is already a large customer base in Austria that makes extensive use of All for One's enhanced, end-to-end range of SAP services including auto-part suppliers such as Magna Cosma, Oberwaltersdorf and Boxmark World Leather, Feldbach; machine-making companies such as Wintersteiger in Ried am Inn and Reform-Werke, Wels; high-tech businesses like the chip manufacturer austriamicrosystems in Schloss Premst�tten and the PLM, IT and engineering services company BEKO. What's more, an agreement on implementing and operating a comprehensive SAP solution was recently signed with Battenfeld Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH in Kottingbrunn, which includes licensing and software maintenance for some 230 users and puts this injection moulding specialist's entire IT on a new footing. »Our biggest strength as a full-scale SAP service provider can be found in our end-to-end approach. After all, it's the right interaction of business processes, IT applications and IT operations that gives companies real business value. Not to mention that the SAP partner landscape is undergoing some major changes, which opens up added opportunities for us,« summarised Erich Losert, the managing director of All for One in Austria. »The customised industry solutions from our partner All for One let small to mid-sized businesses remain competitive even amid competition that is getting tougher and tougher. This is why we still see a lot of potential for SAP and for our industry partners,« added Dr. Andreas Muther, director of the midmarket business unit at SAP in Austria. For Lars Landwehrkamp, the AC-Service AG board member responsible for business operations as a full-scale SAP service provider, the main thing is »delivering SAP reliably and systematically to small and mid-sized businesses, and concentrating all of the available forces within the entire AC-Group to get the job done.« Landwehrkamp added that, »it doesn't matter what phase of an SAP product life cycle the client is in, they can always depend on us to be the one source they need to deliver the finest range of tailored products and services.«