Annual General Meeting Approves Dividend Increase to EUR 1.10 per Share. SAP S/4HANA as the Digital Core / Comprehensive Support for the Digitalisation within the Midmarket Sector

All agenda proposals approved with large majorities / Approximately 83% of the share capital was represented / Growth strategy supported by investments in digitisation products and services / Digitalisation of small to mid-sized enterprises expected to generate tremendous growth opportunities over many years

The All for One Steeb AG annual general meeting (AGM) held on 16 March 2017 approved all of the administration’s proposed resolutions with large majorities. These included the decision to increase the dividend from EUR 1.00 per share (prior year) to EUR 1.10 per share. Consequently, the amount of the distribution will be some EUR 5.5 million (prior year: approximately EUR 5.0 million) for the total of 4,982,000 shares entitled to dividends. In relation to the 2015/16 group earnings after tax of EUR 12.3 million (2014/15: EUR 11.5 million), the dividend payout ratio is 45% (2014/15: 43%). Approximately 83% (83.39%) of the share capital was represented at the AGM.

»Our growth strategy is being supported by investments in our range of digitisation products and services. We are virtually unique in our ability to provide comprehensive support to small and mid-sized enterprises as they undergo digital transformation. This is because we unite the three key elements of digital transformation under one roof, namely technology, process and consulting expertise«, explained All for One Steeb CEO Lars Landwehrkamp.

»A powerful vehicle, SAP S/4HANA forms the digital core and plays a critical role along the journey to becoming a digital enterprise. Currently we’re also stepping up investments to expand our management consulting business, as customers increasingly face the challenge of not only moving their systems and processes into the digital age, but also transforming their organisational structure and customary corporate culture, not to mention altering entire business models«, added Landwehrkamp.

»By reaching out and speaking with customers, I’ve learned that there is a tremendous need for both strategic consulting and actively designing the digitalisation itself. A great deal of effort and attention are currently being directed towards the transformation to SAP S/4HANA. The potential is enormous and expected to generate tremendous growth opportunities over the course of many years«.