All for Service/ProServ / mySAP for Service Providers

All for One Partners and SAP reinforcing sales effort for All for Service in Germany and Austria. Complete enterprise process demonstrated during parachute jump. A dimension in mobility, speed and integration never seen before. Full range of SAP supporting small to mid-sized service providers as they grow.

Stuttgart, 12 December 2006 – Ten to 20 percent growth is what Germany's most important engineering service providers have been achieving year for year. Similarly favourable business performance is also being reported from other service industries involving consulting-intensive and project-related enterprise processes. The AC Group wants to directly support and promote these growth trends with its full range of SAP products and services. Since the ProServ mySAP All-in-One industry solution from Process Partner AG, an AC Group company, is already well-established with over 20 installations and 4,500 users in Switzerland, the enhanced marketing effort will extend out to Germany and Austria as well. A key role in this will be played by selected consulting partners of All for One, a company that also belongs to the AC Group. These partners are marketing the service-provider solution in Germany as »All for Service«: Mobile Consulting & solutions, Munich; Data One, St. Ingbert; Denker & Lenker, M�nster, and best-blu, Salzgitter. AC in Vienna is handling the marketing of All for Service in Austria.

Industry experts rank the template developed by Process Partner as one of the very best mySAP solutions for service companies. A world record that drew a lot of attention was set with it at the Swiss Technical Inspection Association (SVTI/Swiss TS), comparable to the German T�V, which saw a mySAP solution installed in only 24 hours. SAP conferred a Global Business Partner Award in the category »Best Performance Worldwide« for the implementation at a Swiss IT service provider. In addition to the All for One partners, SAP itself is supporting this extensive sales effort for All for Service in Germany and Austria. What's more, SAP (Austria) has named AC an industry partner for service providers.

Recently, in conjunction with the 10-year anniversary of the St. Gallen-based consulting company, the Process Partner managing director Daniel Eberle dramatically illustrated how enterprise processes integrated end to end at service providers also demand mobility and speed. During a parachute jump from an altitude of some 4,000 meters, Eberle prepared an entire service order on a HP iPAQ (PDA) sent it via a GPRS/EDGE ProServ system located a few kilometres away in St. Gallen, which then accepted and fully booked the transaction, created the related service invoice and transmitted it back to the landing field for wireless printing. Confirmation of successful invoicing was sent as a mobile phone text message to the some 80 anniversary guests even before Eberle made final preparations to land. Whether it is order processing for service technicians, compiling customer data for the sales force or working in your home office, wireless extensions for the service department optimise workforce utilisation, accelerate business processes and increase the service providers' ability to compete.

»Especially when faced with the pressures of a more intensive competitive situation, service providers have to be able to get their hands on reliable figures quickly and easily if they want to respond rapidly and with foresight. This is only possible if all their enterprise processes are seamlessly integrated in a cutting-edge IT system«, reports Detlef Mehlmann, Alliance Manager All for One.

With this further broadened range of products and services, the AC Group, together with All for One, is extending its reach as a one-stop SAP service provider beyond its existing focus on the machine-making and automotive industries to other client segments with increased momentum for growth and performance such as are found in professional-services, engineering, testing, auditing and utilities companies.