Ad-hoc: All for One Midmarket AG Sells Equity Stake

95% equity interest in AC-Service (Schweiz) AG to be sold to Bedag Informatik AG / Share purchase agreement signed / Distinct profile as industry-focused SAP full-service provider / Well-positioned in the Swiss SAP market with Process Partner AG / Greater leeway for acquisitions

Filderstadt, 28 August 2009 – All for One Midmarket AG, a leader in both the manufacturing and supplier industry and among service providers in the SAP midmarket segment in countries where German is spoken, is selling its 95% equity interest in AC-Service (Schweiz) AG. The share purchase agreement with Bedag Informatik AG, Bern, was already signed.

The sale price includes a fixed component equivalent to EUR 5.0 million (CHF 7.6 million), an earnings and financial equalisation determined on the basis of the interim financial statements as at 31 August 2009 and a variable purchase price (earnout) component in an amount that depends on the company’s future business performance. The purchase price will be paid in cash and, based on preliminary calculations, will result in a profit from the deconsolidation of approximately EUR 2 million reflected in All for One Midmarket AG’s consolidated financial statements. The sale will be executed and come into force on 1 September 2009. The equity interest, which has been reported as a »discontinued operation« since 1 January 2009, will then be deconsolidated.

AC-Service (Schweiz) AG, which is located in Wettingen near Zürich, focuses on managed services for Swiss health care and public sector entities, and thus operates outside the All for One Group’s strategic industry segments. The company posted sales revenues equivalent to some EUR 13 million with its staff of 71 employees in the financial year 2008.

With the sale of this equity interest in AC-Service (Schweiz) AG, which was preceded in May 2008 by the sale of ACCURAT, All for One Midmarket AG will garner a distinct profile as an industry-focused full-service provider in the SAP midmarket segment in countries where German is spoken. Furthermore, the divestiture of this equity stake will provide greater leeway for undertaking potential acquisitions. All for One is already well-positioned in the Swiss SAP market with its wholly-owned subsidiary Process Partner AG, St. Gallen, whose activities are currently being further expanded.

Issuer information and explanatory remarks about this announcement:

Dr. Jean Pernet, the president of the administrative board of Bedag Informatik AG, said: »With this acquisition we would like to strengthen our leading position as a data processing center for public authorities and the administrative health care sector in Switzerland. The acquisition of AC-Service (Schweiz) AG allows us to take a big step forward in our efforts to achieve cost leadership due to rapidly feasible economies of scale. AC-Service has an established customer base and an outstanding reputation within the segments we serve. This is a combination that fits the strategy of the shareholder as well as our company strategy perfectly«.

»We are delighted at having come to a successful agreement. As a full-service provider for the SAP midmarket sector in countries where German is spoken, we now have a distinct industry profile that underscores our leading position. Bedag can provide AC-Service (Schweiz) AG with good opportunities for growth and development, which, because of differences in business strategy, were unavailable to it as part of the All for One Group«, said Lars Landwehrkamp, spokesman of the management board of All for One Midmarket AG.