9-Month Report as at 30 June 2014 Published / All for One Steeb AG

Filderstadt, 07 August 2014 – Dear Shareholders, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to report that revenues improved 19% to EUR 160.9 million and the EBIT increased 27% to EUR 9.2 million during this 9-month period of the financial year 2013/14. We also surpassed the 1,000 employee mark (not including apprentices/trainees) in the quarter covered by this report.

Our focus is chiefly on integrating the new consulting competencies and technology innovations, which we are also actively managing through acquisitions. Our latest, avantum consult AG, Düsseldorf, has been a wholly owned subsidiary of All for One Steeb AG since 1 May 2014. This technology-independent consulting company is one of the leading addresses in the German-language market for business analytics and corporate performance management.

As was the case with KWP – we enlarged our shareholdings to 100% in this, our biggest subsidiary, at the end of 2013 –avantum also helps enhance our integrated business model of being an SAP full-service provider for the midmarket segment. This kind of specialised expertise is also being increasingly asked for by large accounts and opens up new opportunities for us on the market. Although the share of our recurring outsourcing revenues (including software maintenance) to sales as a whole may decline briefly – avantum mostly generates consulting revenues – our integrated business model’s expanded access to the market should unlock new growth potential for recurring revenues.

As a result of this fine tuning, we have accomplished our strategy of becoming a »single-segment company«, which we are now managing and directing on a thoroughly integrated basis. For that reason, beginning with this interim report, we have discontinued our previous segment reporting. We have also refined our earlier (November 2013) forecast for the finan­cial year 2013/14 of revenues in the range of EUR 205 million to 210 million with an EBIT of between EUR 10.5 million to 11.0 million, and now expect revenues to be at least EUR 215 million with an EBIT of between EUR 11 million and 12 million.

Winning another SAP Pinnacle Award in 2014 underscores the exceptional position we hold within the global SAP ecosystem. The business magazine brand eins ranked us among the »Best Consultants 2014« following one of the most extensive user surveys ever conducted in Germany and one that included many major corporations. FOCUS Money considers us nothing less than a »stock market wunderkind«. Our stock ranks among the four securities with the strongest price performance over the past five years.

Yours sincerely,

Lars Landwehrkamp (CEO), Stefan Land (CFO)

9-Month Report as at 30 Juni 2014