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33.5 Million Euros in Promissory Note Bonds Successfully Placed / Very Favourable Response

Well over-subscribed in order books / Favourable conditions secured over the long term for funding further growth within the framework of the »Strategy 2022«

Filderstadt, 17 October 2019 – All for One Group AG has issued further promissory note bonds in order to secure the currently particularly favourable conditions for funding growth in line with its »Strategy 2022« over the long term. Following its initial transaction in April 2013, which was followed up by a second in May 2017, the leading consulting and IT group was this time able to take advantage, not just of the favourable market conditions, but also and above all of the vastly heightened interest on the part of investors and of the company’s good credit rating.

The transaction totalling 33.5 million euros was arranged by Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, and was well over-subscribed. As a result, not all orders could be considered, and the order books had to be closed ahead of the deadline. The combination of the broad network of investors of LBBW and the digital platform of Debtvision, a joint venture operated by Börse Stuttgart GmbH and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, provided convincing results. Not only does the »Digital marketplace for promissory note bonds« enable investors to communicate directly with borrowers, it also allows the direct digital placement of »soft and firm orders«.

Successful applicants included a broad base of savings, cooperative and high street banks, with a total of 19 investors from Europe receiving allocations. The promissory note bonds are split into three tranches. The two spot tranches (value date: 17 October 2019) with terms of 6 (7.5 million euros in total) and 8 (16.0 million euros in total) years were placed at the lower end of the price range, as was a forward tranche (value date: 30 April 2020) maturing in 6.5 years (10.0 million euros in total). The main purpose of the forward loans is to redeem a residual tranche of 8.5 million euros from the initial transaction back in April 2013. All three tranches incur interest at fixed rates ranging between 0.90% and 1.10%, depending on the tranche. The good credit rating of All for One Group AG – Deutsche Bundesbank, for example, rates the company as possessing central bank eligibility – made it possible to further improve the »covenants« for the current placement.

Stefan Land, CFO of All for One Group AG, is delighted: »We have completed the initial stages of our Strategy 2022. Our expanded portfolio is proving very popular in the digitalisation projects of our clients. We also see great potential to optimise both efficiency and costs for all stakeholders involved by digitalising the market for promissory notes, as clearly demonstrated by the involvement of Debtvision. The strong demand from our promissory note investors gives us more scope for organic and inorganic growth.«