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1st Quarter as at 31 December 2009: Results for the 1st Quarter of the 2009/10 Financial Year

Results for the period 1 October to 31 December 2009: Sales: EUR 20.1 million (+4% year on year) / EBIT: EUR 1.0 million (Oct - Dec 2008: minus EUR 1.1 million) / Net group earnings: EUR 0.8 million (Oct - Dec 2008: minus EUR 1.1 million) / Equity ratio: 53% (30 Sep 2009: 50%) / Outlook confirmed

Filderstadt, 04 February 2010 – All for One Midmarket AG, which holds a leading position in the German-language SAP midmarket segment, today released its results for the period of 1 October to 31 December 2009. Despite challenging markets, this SAP full-service provider improved sales by 4% to EUR 20.1 million (Oct - Dec 2008: EUR 19.4 million). This growth in sales revenues is attributable primarily to the mid-2009 acquisition of shareholdings in team HR Organisationsberatung Personalwirtschaft GmbH.

The recurring sales revenues from outsourcing services improved 26% to EUR 7.6 million (Oct - Dec 2008: EUR 6.0 million), which means that this business already accounts for 38% of sales (Oct - Dec 2008: 31%). The major investments made in 2008 in new mirrored high-end data centers combined with service portfolio enhancements continue exercising a growing positive impact. Due to reduced working hours and plant closures, customers requested no further consulting services starting in mid-December, which, as expected, led to a decline in consulting revenues of minus 9% to EUR 8.6 million in the 1st quarter (Oct - Dec 2008: EUR 9.4 million). Nevertheless, positive developments in licensing sales resulted in new customer projects and an increase in consulting requirements, which in turn should provide for solid utilisation of consulting resources during the following months. Following the high volume of new orders received in December 2009, the overall 1st quarter licensing revenues were EUR 3.3 million and remained at virtually the same high level as the comparable period a year ago (minus 2%).

The 1st quarter EBITDA was EUR 1.9 million (Oct - Dec 2008: minus EUR 0.2 million). The related EBIT totalled EUR 1.0 million (Oct - Dec 2008: minus EUR 1.1 million), so that an EBIT margin of 5% of sales was reported in the 1st quarter. The earnings after taxes were EUR 0.8 million. The corresponding prior-year figure of minus EUR 1.1 million includes major one-time costs stemming from the corporate restructuring. Earnings per share totalled 13 euro cents (Oct - Dec 2008: minus 23 euro cents). The equity ratio as at 31 December 2009 was 53% (30 September 2009: 50%).

Stefan Land, the Chief Financial Officer of All for One Midmarket AG: »During the 1st quarter of this new financial year we were able to effectively build on our successes from the short financial year 2009. Our funding and liquidity situation is solid, and our business model is robust. Despite broader economic uncertainties, we are still confident of meeting our projections for the 2009/10 financial year, a modest increase in sales and a positive EBIT within the range of from EUR 1.5 million to 2.0 million.«

All for One Midmarket AG will be publishing its complete 3-Month Report as at 31 December 2009 as scheduled on 12 February 2010.