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Management Board remains committed to its growth forecast for 2021/22 // Annual general meeting approves payment of the highest dividend in the company's history

Overwhelming majority approves the agenda // Dividend of EUR 1.45 per share (up 21% year on year) // Perception as very attractive employer; employee retention improves // Sustainability established as a strategic initiative // Significant growth with SAP S/4HANA transformation projects // Three acquisitions set to strengthen and expand market standing

Filderstadt, 17 March 2022 – The annual general meeting of All for One Group SE, leading consulting and IT Group, has adopted all the proposals submitted by management. Some 72.7% of the company’s share capital was represented at the virtual annual general meeting on 16 March 2022.

Recruiting and developing experts continues to pose the greatest challenges despite targeted measures and perception as a very attractive employer. For example, All for One Group invests extensively in developing its workforce and enhancing employee retention, and adopts innovative approaches to recruiting new talent. »A workforce that is content and motivated is key to our success. In this respect, our values, promoting and supporting our employees, and our commitment to sustainability play a pivotal role. Diversity and equal opportunities must be taken seriously and promoted. Mentoring at entry level, setting up an in-house women's network and cooperating with Social-Bee and SAP to help refugees start an IT career and thus take responsibility for their lives in Germany are just some of the key initiatives«, emphasises chief sales officer Michael Zitz.

The recognition of All for One Group as one of Germany's top 10 IT employers is particularly gratifying. The Focus Business Ranking 2022 encompassed a total of 550,000 evaluations of employers and existing rankings of more than 38,000 companies. It lists employers with whom the staff are particularly satisfied.

All for One Group also recently scored well in terms of service quality. In addition to the prestigious »brand eins« including All for One Group among the »Best IT providers 2022«, it now also ranks the Group as one of the »Best business consultants 2022«.

An equally large majority of around 100% approved the payment of a dividend of EUR 1.45 per share – up 21% year on year. Accordingly, the volume to be distributed among the 4,982,000 eligible shares totals around EUR 7.2 million. The distribution quota relative to Group earnings after taxes of EUR 13.5 million in financial year 2020/21 (2019/20: EUR 13.1 million) increased to 53% (2019/20: 46%). As such, All for One Group shareholders are reaping the benefits of the good business performance, which the company plans to continue with the support of its acquisitions.

As All for One Group SE CEO Lars Landwehrkamp explains: »We are delighted to have the support of the staff in our newly acquired subsidiaries. This growth is absolutely crucial to enable us to continue with the successful implementation of our strategy, especially in the larger midmarket, in international projects and with regard to CONVERSION/4. The experience of the team of more than 400 colleagues at All for One Poland is helping us to meet the growing demand for transformation projects to SAP S/4HANA. By merging the Swiss ASC Group with our subsidiary Process Partner under one roof, we are building a strong presence and broad expertise in the Swiss SAP market. Wait and see how working with blue-zone will allow us to raise our own product business to a whole new level«.

The guidance for financial year 2021/22 is being confirmed. The biggest risk facing delivery of this guidance is posed by renewed setbacks in economic development. »We are holding firm to our guidance for financial year 2021/22, and continue to expect sales of between EUR 430 million and 450 million and EBIT in a range from EUR 24 million to 26 million. The integration of our acquired businesses is making good progress. Building on this, and looking ahead to the momentum arising from future CONVERSION/4 transformation projects (migration to SAP S/4HANA), we are working on new mid-term goals«, according to All for One Group CFO Stefan Land.