Important changes for your SAP S-Users in the SAP Support Launchpad

(This news does not belongs to the S-Users with the same name in the All for One Group Service Portal)

S-User Mail Address

In the SAP Support Launchpad User Administration, S-Users have been flagged with email addresses which contains unknown mail domains.

To keep these S-Users valid in the future, you have to maintain the mail domain of the All for One Group ( in the user administration in the SAP Support Launchpad.

Furthermore, for security reasons SAP has decided no longer allow generic mail addresses, e.g. starting with support@.

The All for One Group has already take this into account and requests S-Users with valid e-mail addresses for to use in customer context, .

IMPORTANT: Existing S-Users will not be blocked if the mail domain or e-mail address does not meet the requirements; therefore, there is currently no need for you to take any action.

For questions regarding the changes of the All for One S-Users, please contact All for One Group Support (

SAP Universal ID

As of June 2022, S-User´s must be linked to an SAP Universal ID. This means that for every person with an S-User, a SAP UID must be created at the latest from this point. This SAP UID is a personal account that is not linked to your company. Therefore, recommend that your employees use a personal e-mail address for the SAP UID.

The S-Users that you have provided to All for One are also subject to this change. The UID for these S-Users will be created by us. IMPORTANT: The authorization assignment and the sovereignty over your S-User remains at your side, as the SAP UID has no rights of its own. As soon as the S-User is deleted, the link to the UID is removed, to ensure that your company data is protected.

For questions about the UID, SAP has provided a landing page. For further questions, especially about the S-Users you have provided for to use for the All for One Group, please contact the All for One Group support (